What is Hygge?


what is hygge

I don’t know about you but I keep seeing the word “Hygge” in magazines, online and in the home decor world. Up until now, I had no idea what hygge is. And I certainly had no idea how to pronounce it. In fact, as I type this blog post, my spell checker doesn’t even recognize the word. So what is Hygge?

Before we get to the definition of this Danish word, let’s first talk about how it is pronounced. It is NOT pronounced “hi-gee”. Rather, it is pronounced “who – gah”. The only way you are going to remember the proper pronunciation is to say it like twenty times in a row, and be sure to visualize “who-gah” while you are saying it. Trust me. This really is the only way.

According to Country Living Magazine, the Danish concept cannot be translated to one single word but encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. I heard that hygge has become partly popular in the U.S. due to the unsettling climate in political events. As one feels less comfortable with the political arena, we find a stronger desire to want more comfort at home.  

what is hygge in your home

That makes sense to me. Although I have always preferred a comfortable home more so than a showcase home. But I get it.

I thought it might be fun to pick a room in our home and see if I can “hygee it”. Or make it more hygee. I still haven’t figured out if hygee is a noun or an adjective. Either way, I think you know what I am talking about.

I chose our master bedroom. It’s where we sleep (duh) but that’s about it. There is something about this room that causes me to be reluctant to spend time in this room. So I am going to make some changes.

what is hygge in home

Steps to Make a Room More Hygee

Remove Clutter

First off, I need to come clean about something. Before I took this photo there were some extra things in this room that didn’t belong. I call it clutter. There were a few empty boxes, some old blinds, Christmas wrapping paper and a few other things that did not belong. The number one way to kill the mood and coziness in a room is clutter. So get rid of it. All of it. That includes the closet too.

Add a Cozy Seating Area

As you can see in the photo below, we have two chairs next to each side of the bed. How come I never sit on either one? The first reason is clutter. But of course, we all know that chairs are for sitting and not storing stuff. Right?

what is hygge 2

I decided to move the chair next to my side of the bed. I found a much better place for it.

what is hygge and how to

Make Use of the Fireplace

We are very fortunate to have a fireplace in our master bedroom. I love it and don’t use it near enough. So by moving the chair next to the fireplace, I created a great reading area. It’s winter time and where is there a better place to read than next to a fireplace? I added a bright light behind the chair and a quilt for extra comfort.

what is hygge add a reading chair

Add Candles to Your Room

Another way to add hygge to your home is with candles! I absolutely love the candles from Antique Candleworks and these three scents, Apple Pickin, Peppermint and Good Tidings are three of my favorites. Don’t hesitate to burn different scents at the same time. You will be amazed at how fabulous the aroma is when you light more than one candle!

what is hygge add candles

Add Cozy Blankets

I already mentioned that I added a quilt on my “new” reading chair. You definitely want to add one to the end of the bed. I love this one from Serena and Lily but my husband likes a cozier one. Since I don’t need (or want)the extra heat, I let him deal with his own blanket.

Most of us have been adding hygge to our homes for years. I think we just called it something different. Cozy and Comfort. I feel so strongly about this and I am going to use the “hygge” theme all throughout the month of February. My only last words of wisdom are …

… who-gah, who-gah, who-gah.

how to add hygge to a room

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  1. Very interesting. Given the history of Danish furniture, if a similarity can be applied, I’d say Hygee – who-gah is an extremely streamlined “cozy” concept. I think I would need to see a lot of examples, it seems like it would have to be a really personal thing.

  2. Have been embracing hygge since first discovering it almost 5 years ago when I started traveling to Sweden for business. There is nothing like a candlelight breakfast to start the day. Sitting in the Stockholm airport now heading back to LA and missing it already

  3. I think the song, Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede, would sing “hygee hygee” in the background over and over while they played.

  4. We can learn a lot from other cultures about restful homes….Over cluttering is a purely American thing.

    Lovely room. 🙂

    In our first house we had a fireplace in our bedroom. I miss those days. So cozy on cold evenings.

    Love the panel(s) above the fireplace. Where did you get them? I see similar in various stores, but they are always artificial wood. This look to be metal?

  5. My friend owns a store called Hygge Home. It’s in Owego, NY. Whenever I go in I just want to stay there forever because it’s so comfy and relaxing.

  6. Candlelight breakfast!!! omy!! major HYGEE!! thanks for the pronunciation lesson….hopefully I won’t forget it now…just wondering how your bedroom would look with the rug turned sideways and brought down almost half way under the bed, more into the room and heavily textured fluffy gray (or another color you use in that room) curtains hung on either side of your sheer panel? Also need to tell you, you have my favorite kitchen in all of the WWW!! sigh……

  7. Nice room. But not “HYGEE” enough for me. Doesn’t feel cozy. I’m sure you’re not finished with the room. Even all white… you can do it. If it is suppose to be a Swedish decor, I guess you’re there. Reminds me of summer. I think it is a room in progress?

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