TWENTY THURSDAYS ‘TILL CHRISTMAS // Using Unconventional Items to Create a Christmas Table Setting

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I was so excited when I found twenty red and green vintage books this month while shopping at flea markets and vintage junktion. I used them last week when I decorated my bookshelves for Christmas. I am so happy I came up with a fun way to use the books as my centerpiece.

I love my chicken feeder plate rack that I got from @curtiscreation last month. (If you remember, I first used it to hold my Rae Dunn Flamingo plates for my happy hour party.) Now it’s holding my books!


IMG_6428I also came up with the idea to use Christmas record albums as placemats. I have old Beach Boys album covers framed at our beach house and over the years I have used album covers in a lot of other ways.





I just love the look of this table!


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Before you lash out at me for posting Christmas décor in August, let me explain what this idea is. We’ve all been there where it’s mid-December and we realize we’re totally behind. On gifts, on RSVPing to parties, sending out Christmas cards and even putting up the decorations. Or even if you’re ahead, maybe you’re feeling uninspired. I figured that if I started now, I would be able to get creative with my décor ideas and have a whole repertoire of ideas. So, if you don’t feel like reading now, bookmark this and remember me come Christmas so that you can find some great Christmas décor ideas. When you are ready. 

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  1. So much FUN!!! I love the unexpected use of the books and record covers. It feels like Christmas is a subtle and homey way. Great ideas!

  2. I think this is a brilliant idea and so happy to see you post all these ideas. I have been a Christmas Junkie for years. I love it. Since I have spent Christmas in Florida the last ten years, I have used a coastal theme for there. Thank you and I love your house.

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