How to Make Easy Pancakes That Look Amazing

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I hosted my sisters for breakfast and I wanted a pancake breakfast featuring their names. I can’t wait to share how I made these easy pancakes!

Aren’t these pancakes amazing? They were so easy to make as I made a pattern and traced the names with pancake mix in a squirt bottle! These pancakes really do look amazing!

How to Make a Personalized Breakfast

How to Host a Personalized Pancake Breakfast

My two sisters were in town last weekend and I hosted them for breakfast. I wanted to do something special so I decided to make pancakes featuring our names: Leslie, Jeni, and Susan.

Pancake Breakfast with Krusteaz

We all love breakfast and I knew this protein pancake mix was perfect for the three of us! It’s full of protein and it makes me happy to know I am feeding my sisters well!

Less guilt, right?

Of course because I love to cook, and I am creative, I knew I had to do something different that would impress them both.

So I printed their names in a fancy font on parchment paper and used it as a guide to make perfect script names!

Aren’t these pancakes adorable?

Pancake Breakfast with Love

I love that I could make the names look so much better than if I had done these freehand!

Of course, I also had to make some heart pancakes too as I knew they would love these pancakes and need a few more!

Easy Pancake Breakfast

I decided to set up breakfast on our kitchen island. This allowed me to place the griddle on the island and cook as we were all catching up and enjoying our Krusteaz Protein pancakes!

Pancake Breakfast with My Sisters

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How to Make Easy Pancakes That Look Amazing

How to Make My Easy Pancakes

As I mentioned, I made a pattern on the computer to use as a guide to make my pancakes. You can make the pattern in Word or Canva, or any software program you want.

I used a font called Joshico. It was in Canva and I love it. Just make sure the letters in the name are all attached. My names measure about 8″ across which I knew would fit on my plates.

Once you make the design, just flip it horizontally. This will ensure that the printed side with the ink is on the bottom side and not the top side where you are adding the pancake batter.

How to Make Pancake Names

Next, I cut a few sheets of parchment paper to measure 8 1/2″ x 11″ and put them in my printer as if they were regular sheets of paper.

I printed the names on the parchment paper and let them dry before I touched them.

Printing the Names

To be able to see the design through the parchment paper, you might need to outline the letters. This was very easy to do.

Outline the Letters

Here are the patterns I made for each of our names. I cut them out in circles but you really don’t have to do that. Just cut them in a rectangle leaving at least 1 1/2″ around the outside of the letters.

Stencils for Pancake Names

I used a squirt bottle and filled it halfway with the Krusteaz Protein Pancake mix.

Place the pattern in the bottom of your pan or griddle. Add a bit of butter on top of the paper. Next, trace the letters with the pancake batter in the squirt bottle on the paper.

Using a Pattern to Make Pancake Names

The best temperature for cooking pancakes is 375 degrees. Cook for 75 seconds on each side for perfect pancakes. Leave the paper on the name until after you flip the pancake. Gently remove the paper as soon as it is flipped.

I also made some heart pancakes because I knew we would want to eat more of these delicious pancakes! I used the squirt bottles to make these and I free-handed hearts!

How to Make Easy Heart Pancakes

Didn’t these turn out perfectly? I took this photo before we added butter and syrup just for you to see!

How to Make Easy Pancakes with a Name

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to make pancakes?

Mix the batter with a whisk and cold water. Don’t over whip and let the batter sit for two minutes. Use the center of a non-stick griddle at 375 degrees. Be sure to preheat. Cook for 75 seconds on each side.

What is the secret to fluffy pancakes?

Don’t pat with a spatula or you will smoosh it down and lose your fluffiness!

If you are looking for fun ways to have a family pancake breakfast, check out my post A Fun Way to Make Pancakes for Breakfast.

Personalized Pancake Breakfast with Family

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Easy Pancakes That Look Amazing

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  1. Brilliant to use the parchment paper patterns. I’ve done freehand with a bottle, but this will give much better results. I am on board!!!

  2. Looks so Wonderful and pretty! You have such a beautiful heart to show all this love to your sisters 💕

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much Jeanette. I just adore my sisters, I am very lucky to have them both as friends and sisters.

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