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IMG_0818A few weeks ago I created a tribe on Tailwind. What is Tailwind, you might ask?

Tailwind is a tool that is endorsed by Pinterest and primarily lets you do two things; schedule your Pinterest posts in advance and schedule Pinterest pins directly from your Instagram feed. And the best part about Tailwind? It uses your analytics to determine the best time you should post on Pinterest and Instagram. Tailwind is free for the first 100 posts you create and after that has a small monthly fee. So I decided to try it out for a month for or so for free to determine if I liked it.

(I want to mention that this is not a sponsored post. I gain nothing by telling you all of this, other than the happy feeling I get knowing this can really help you drive traffic to your blog and Instagram account.)

cecbe94d-121b-4816-9481-33a859a47cd3-1It’s important to remember that Pinterest is the go-to social media site for seasonal décor ideas, wedding planning, recipes, decorating ideas and DIY ideas. If any of you share any of these topics on your Instagram site or blog, then you might want to take a minute to read on.

IMG_0819A Tribe on Tailwind is a group of people who are on Pinterest that have common interests. If you are part of a tribe you can pin your posts within the tribe and everyone is encouraged to pin them to their feeds. Every time someone else pins one of your pins all of their followers will see your pin. These new followers, in turn, may choose to follow your Pinterest page or even go to your blog and follow you there. Hence, this is why I wanted to be part of a Tailwind tribe. I realized that a Tailwind Tribe can increase my exposure on Pinterest, increase my followers on Pinterest and drive traffic to my blog and/or Instagram feed.

IMG_7481First I was invited to join a tribe with some Instagram friends. It’s been great and I love it. But I started thinking it might be helpful to also be part of a bigger tribe. So I created a tribe called Farmhouse Décor a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned it on Instagram and invited anyone that wanted to join.

About fifty people joined the tribe. There is a learning curve, so many people who joined the tribe have yet to figure out what to do once they get there. But here is the cool part.

In just a few weeks …

32 people joined the tribe

Of the 32 people that joined, 14 people have added pins to the tribe

But for those that did participate, here is what happened.

Farmhouse Decor has already grown to 32 members, who have collectively added 109 Pins to this Tribe! These pins have since been re-shared 216 times by fellow Tribemates, receiving 124 repins and 361,611 potential impressions on Pinterest! In many cases, these were people who our tribe has never met.

So far I have been the most active person on the tribe. I have had 53 of my pins re-shared. Nineteen of those were re-pinned by people I have never met. And in total, my pins have been seen by 39.4K people.

Imagine for a second that 500 people join the Home Décor tribe and 300 of them actively participate. The results could be astounding.

8e29ea76-f937-479a-bb90-72282f6ecb98Hop on over to this link and join the Farmhouse Décor tribe. Then take some time to watch a few videos to see how you can participate and benefit using Tailwind. I have already used my free 100 pins in Tailwind so I have joined up for a year for $8 a month. I think it’s totally worth it.

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