My Flea Market Finds This Week

I have been to a few flea markets in the past month and done a lot of shopping. I know I am really bad at sharing all of my final purchases. Usually, by the time I finish shopping, get everything loaded and unloaded from my car, I am too tired to take photos of my “loot. So today I thought I would share all of the things I found from my flea market shopping trips these past few weeks.

Currently, I am looking for a few small things for our home. But the majority of my purchases are for a Beach Cottage in Long Beach, Ca. that I am helping a friend to remodel and decorate. I have a list on my phone of all of the things I need to buy and over the last few months, I have purchased most of them! How exciting is that?

Let’s start with these wonderful arches. They are not vintage and I am ok with that. I paid $25 each for them and I just need to decide if I am going to paint them or not. I am going to try to use them as is and I will let you know how it goes.

I needed to purchase a lot of end tables for the Beach Cottage (as in eight!) and I have slowly found them all. These two are just awesome.

I also bought this wonderful aqua drawer for the Beach Cottage. It can hold books, magazines, quilts and just about anything else. I think I paid about $15 for it.

This vintage Joy of Cooking book was originally going to go to the Beach Cottage. But I just can’t part with it. I am taking it to our Beach House this weekend. It is going to look fabulous on my kitchen shelves. It was a great $10 purchase.

The chalkboard was $10 and will head to the Beach Cottage. I know a lot of places where this can hang. I love that it has a tie to hold the chalk!

I bought these mudcloth pillow covers and fabrics at the Lomg Beach Flea Market. I bought the ready made pillow covers for the Beach Cottage. But then I discovered the fabric and it was so inexpensive that I couldn’t resist. So I bought the fabric for me! I will likely make cushions, pillows and tote bags from the fabric. I love that each item will only cost a few dollars in fabric to make! (And no, I don’t expect to sell these. I usually give away the things I make!)

These screens are wonderful. I will gladly hang them in our home but I will take them down to the Beach Cottage and leave them there if they want them! These will look so great hanging on the walls.

These metal boxes will look fabulous at the Beach Cottage. The bottom lunch box is green so I will keep that. But the other two are aqua and will go to the Beach Cottage. These cost between $3 and $12. 

These buoys are amazing. As much as I would love them in Ventura they will be heading to the Beach Cottage. I paid $15 for each of them and I thought that was a good price. Can I just say that the colors are perfect!

Here is a better look at the two end tables I purchased. I love that they don’t match and yet are similar in height. The one on the right is an old sewing table and the paint has a slight aqua tone which I love. 

All in all, I would say I found some pretty fun things on my flea market shopping trips. What do you think?

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  1. Yes,you sure did!!Sounds so amazingly fun…I need to find me a “position”like this!!Only thing is,I don’t know how to begin??!!Thanks for the it all-but especially those buoys!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ????????????????
    I can’t belueve I didn’t see the buoys at Ventura! Great score! You did wonderful and how fortunate that you have 3 homes to shop for. That way you get to buy more! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing your finds! Do you remember about how much the side tables were? My daughter lives in LA, just starting out with no furniture, trying to steer her toward one of these flea markets

  4. Great finds! The aqua wood drawer was the first thing my eyes went to in the first photo.


  5. Hi what I really like is your ability to show us how you are putting it together and it is amazing the price you are paying, thanks for sharing as well I love those arches!

  6. I just found your archive posts. Absolutely love shopping with you via Instagram and thank you for doing it! Love it all.

  7. I love your blog! I am a flea market ‘hunter’ as well! My beach cottage is decorated in finds like this. It is an obsession once you begin the ‘hunt’. Marie Smith, Holden Beach, NC

  8. I never leave the food store without a bouquet of flowers ( inspired by you )
    What a lift it adds to a room.

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