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How I Added Color to Our Family Room

Why You Need to Add Color to Your Home

I love the look of our newly styled family room! I am still adding more color to our home for the summer season.

This time the color inspiration came from the beautiful hydrangeas sent to me by www.flowersbygallonei. Aren’t they gorgeous?

A lot of people ask me why I used a neutral palette in our home. I love the light colors in our home, especially when I want to bring in more color. It’s so much easier to add color to a room when you start with a neutral palette. Look how easy it was for me to add this blush color to the room.

Once I arranged the flowers, I went up to our third floor and pulled a painting from the collection of my own art. I love how well this painting fits in the room. I painted this painting last Spring. It’s painted with acrylics and is 36″ x 36″.

If I decide this painting is too colorful then I can just exchange it for another one! How fun is that!

I went shopping in my home again, as I knew I had purchased a few things last summer when the “blush” color craze was in all of the stores. I had yet to use any of the items so this worked out perfectly! The textured blush pillows are from www.curtiscreation.com.

how to add color to a room

I love how the tin film case I purchased at the Rose Bowl Flea Market a few months ago matched the colors so well. Do you know what I store in the case?

I put eyeglasses, remote controls, and pens in the case. These are all of the things our dog Sport loves to chew!

I love the look and feel of this room. Once the flowers are past their prime I don’t know what will happen. But until then, I am going to really enjoy our very colorful family room!

Why You should Add Color To Your Home

One last look. Aren’t these hydrangeas amazing? I just love them.

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  1. Wow!! What a difference that blush color makes in the home when the pallet is neutral….love love love!!!

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