My Favorite Glassware Sets in the Dining Room

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Today we styled the dining room with some of my favorite glassware sets. I love how crystal glassware catches the light.

It’s Day Three of the Spring Refresh with my friend KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms. Come check out what we’ve been up to!

Why I Love These Glassware Sets

I know what you are thinking. “Another glassware set? Huh?”

Believe it or not, I needed a clear set of fancy glasses to use for our dinner parties. We often dine with groups of 10 or 12 and I just don’t have enough similar sized clear glasses. (I didn’t say matching because I have no problem mixing the new with the old!). However, I do have enough pink glasses. Ideally I wanted to find some vintage ones, but they are hard to find, and can get expensive. I wanted glasses that looked vintage but were sturdy and inexpensive.

And I found these!

How to Use My Favorite Glassware Sets

The Best Glassware Sets

Let me tell you why I love these glasses.

They are lead free crystal, and almost 6″ high. These are the Drinking Tumblers, which are great for water, juice, beer and cocktails. They are made in Europe and are 13 oz. They also come in the the Double Old Fashioned Tumbler size and red wine glass goblet size.

Gorgeous and Inexpensive Glassware Sets

I like them because they are thin but heavy and sturdy. That may sound like a contradiction but they aren’t fragile and seem like they would survive an accidental tap on my farmhouse sink.

I used these glasses for our dinner party last Saturday night. They looked so perfect on my pink themed table, don’t you think?

My Favorite Glasses

Thistlewood Farms

One of my favorite people in the world, Karianne at Thistlewood Farms, styled her dining room too. Her awesome new blue and white dishes can be seen in her blog post titled Look What I Found for the Dining Room! Be sure and hop over to her blog to see what she has done.

My Favorite Glassware Sets

My Favorite Sets of Glassware

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My Favorite Glassware Sets

We use ball jars as our everyday drinking glasses. Which means we use them at the dinner table for water, for beer, for juice, for cocktails, and even for ice cream (my husband uses one every night.)

These ball jars are so storing and I know that because I have dropped and bounced them on the kitchen floor many times.

If you searched my blog for “dinners” you would find these ball jars (small and large) on almost every single table setting. I love using these super cheap jars as drinking glasses. I also use them to serve dessert and I have made mini-apple pies in little ball jars too.

Glassware sets are a fun and great item to collect. I only like to collect items that I use and my glassware gets used all of the time! Don’t be surprised if you see my newest glassware at the breakfast table one of these days!

Glasses Sets in the Carriage House

Here is a closeup photo of these glasses. Aren’t they pretty?

My Favorite Glassware Sets

This Week’s Spring Refresh

Here is a quick review of Karianne’s and my rooms for our Spring Refresh. This has been so much fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is glass different from crystal?

Crystal and glass are made from different materials. Crystal is made from flint glass and glass is made from sand that has been liquefied.

How can you tell the difference between crystal and glass?

The easiest way to tell the difference between crystal and glass is by clinking the glass (as you do when you clink glasses for a toast.) If the sound is kind of clunky, then it is likely you have glass. If the sound is kind of a chime, and makes a lovely sound, then the glass is likely crystal.

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Favorite Glassware Sets

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  1. Both the pink and the clear tumblers are so pretty. I saved the Amazon link for future reference as crystal glasses for everyday and fancy parties is hard to find. The pink reminds me of depression glass.

  2. The glassware is beautiful. I’d love to see how you store all of you decorations, glassware, flatware and china or pottery when not in use. That’s my biggest problem. Thanks

  3. Very pretty glassware! They add a lot of sparkle to your table.

    My favorite glassware is the Picardie line, which I’ve found at Vermont Country Store, and Williams-Sonoma. They come in several sizes, and are sold in sets of six or individually! Very comfortable to hold and sturdy enough for everyday, yet they could go fancy, too!

    1. I love glasses that look pretty and that you can use everyday. These definitely qualify, they are so sparkly!

  4. Hi Leslie, While the table setting is beautiful (I’ve got my eye on those plates!) please tell me the wall color of your dining room? I’m looking for something just like it, neutral but has presence. thanks! Cali

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