Around the House at My 100 Year Old Home – Week Seven

Welcome To Around The House At My 100 Year Old Home. This Is New A Weekly Update I Share Every Saturday About What Is Going On At My 100 Year Old Home.

outside back porch

Welcome Inside My 100 Year Old Home

It’s been another great week in Southern California. We had about five minutes of rain one day and the rest of our weather has been glorious! 

I have a few projects at home that I am working on which include reorganizing our master bedroom. I spent a few hours at my friend Judy’s @vintagejunktionla. She is only fifteen minutes from our home and has an amazing warehouse full of vintage finds. I came home with two quilts and four crocks. And the most amazing dresser ever! 

vintage crocks and quilts

Isn’t this stunning? It’s going to go in our master bedroom.

vintage dresser

I started out this week by sharing Five Things I Love About our Back Porch. Some of you thought it should be called a patio. I figured since it has a step up then it could be a porch. Either way, it’s one of my favorite places to just relax and enjoy the outdoors.

The amazing table and chairs are part of the Hamptons Collection from @arhaus.

back porch

Of course, my favorite porch is our wrap-around porch in our Waco Fixer Upper Airbnb. I have wanted a wrap-around porch forever and I finally got one! Click here to learn how to rent our home.

wrap around porch
wrap around porch

I shared my love of Flowering Branches and the response was amazing! If you have bushes or trees outside that haven’t bloomed yet, bring them indoors and force them to bloom. 

I know it sounds harsh, but all you are doing is speeding up the bloom time! I have a lot of tips about flowering branches in my blog post so be sure to head over there now.

flowering branches

What’s New in The Family Room

I have been doing lots of crafts this week but next week I will be more focused on decor and updating a few of our rooms. It feels like Spring in Southern California and I am going to get ready for spring! 

My friend Chef Monique Chan will be in the kitchen next week and some of the recipes we can look forward to are Macarons and Croissants! I am so excited!

Around the House

Every Wednesday I share a wonderful round-up of posts for Easy Elegance Wednesday. This week I shared the story about all of the movies, TV shows, and commercials we have filmed at our home. I think we have filmed over 100 times in the last twenty years, which I know is crazy, but it’s been really fun.

I have written a few posts about filming. One is the Story of Our Home in the Movies and the other one is Advice on How I think You Can Get Your Home in the Movies.

Just today I had two scouts at our home looking at our home for filming. One of the projects was a three-day fashion shoot for a brand that you all know. The other one was for one of the top TV shows (it’s on TV right now). I have no idea if they will book our home, but it’s fun that they were even considering our home. 

I should mention that the Ben Affleck movie that was filmed here is being heavily promoted right now and opens on March 3rd. It’s called The Way Back and I cannot wait to see it. Hopefully, our scenes didn’t end up on the cutting room floor!

How to Get Your Home in the Movies

I shared one of my favorite all-time crafts this week which was a  Succulent Wreath. I used an ombre effect and I love the look. 


Succulents are traditionally kind of expensive but don’t forget you can grow succulents and use the cuttings for your wreath. I also buy them at the farmer’s markets because they are so much less expensive.

I did some Cooking In the Kitchen on Friday but you can’t really call it cooking. There was no mixing and less than ten minutes of baking. I made these adorable Peppermint Candy Plates and they are so perfect for Valentine’s Day, baby showers, girls luncheons, bridal showers, and Christmas. You have to go to my blog to see how easy this was to make!

how to make a candy peppermint plate

Let’s see what my friends are up to.

My friend Karianne from Thistlewood shared a wonder DIY project to make flowerpots for flowers. I love it! 

Janine from Happy Happy Nester made some wonderful Chocolate Covered Oreos

Liz Marie Blog shared her son Cope’s First Birthday Party. It was amazing!

back porch view

Looking Out the Front Door

Next week on the blog I will be sharing Spring Mantle Decor, a Spring Flower arrangement, the cool thing I made out of corks, my free stitch embroidery pillow, and an amazing dessert prepared by my friend Monique from The Real Chezmo Blog. 

I am really enjoying celebrating Let’s Get Creative this month at My 100 Year Old Home this month. Thanks for being here with me.

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  1. I love your back porch/patio. The peppermint plates very cute and look like something I could make. I will be Loki g for your home when I see the Ben Affleck movie.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your decorating and cooking tips.

  2. I think I missed you taking your other furniture out of the porch and adding the table and chairs. Is this long term or just for the winter? Either way I love them both!!!

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