My Favorite All-Time Flea Market Vintage Finds


I have been shopping at flea markets for many years. I love the hunt, the fun people, and the amazing treasures I have found. Today I am sharing my favorite all-time flea market finds.

General Store Counter

Most of you know how much I love shopping at flea markets. It’s been a long time since I have shared flea market shopping for obvious reasons. So I thought I would share with you my favorite flea market finds.

In the past, I have filmed my flea market trips on Instagram stories. It makes me feel like you are with me while I am shopping! As soon as it is safe to shop at a flea market I promise I will take you with me again.

In the meantime, let’s look at my favorite flea market vintage finds.

Since I have been shopping at flea markets for over 30 years it was. really hard to pick my all-time five favorite flea market finds. It took me two hours of walking around my home and looking at photos of our Waco home to finalize my list! I am pretty sure you are going to recognize most of these items. But don’t be shocked when you discover there are one or two you might never have seen!

China Dishes

Asiatic Pheasant DinnerwareFirst, I would like to start off with my black and white Royal Stafford Fine Earthenware plates. The actual pattern is called Asiatic Pheasant. I bought twelve of these plates about twenty years ago at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. (Just so you know, Johnson & Bros. also makes an identical set which has the same pattern name.)  Of all of the china patterns I own (and there are a lot), this is by far my favorite.


Earlier this year I found this china at TJMAXX. I shrieked when I saw it because I was so happy. I bought dinner plates in pink, blue and red. They were $6-$7 each.

You can find Asiatic Pheasant in a lot of different colors here if you would like to start a collection.

Vintage Scales

Vintage Scales

Another one of my favorite finds is the vintage scales that my father gifted me a few years ago. My dad collected scales for years and his collection consisted of hundreds of scales. When my parents downsized I became the lucky recipient of these scales.

Vintage Candle Scale

It’s hard to say which is my favorite but if I was pressed I would say it’s probably the Dayton scale. I was born in Dayton, Ohio at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. I just love it! When my parents gave it to me on my birthday a few years ago, I cried!

Vintage Dayton Scale

My father purchased most of his scales at flea markets and antique stores. He was so knowledgeable about everything having to do with scales. I treasure the times we shared when he use to talk about his collection of scales.

Cheese Molds and Vintage Trays

Vintage Cheese Mold Vases

I am laughing that I selected these cheese molds as one of my all-time favorite vintage finds. I bought these at the Rose Bowl Flea Market from @thewarpedtable and I just love them.

Vintage Flea Market Trays

At the same time, I also bought the metal trays from The Warped Table. I use them as chargers. They were very well priced (aka inexpensive) which probably makes me like them even more. I used these on my “rustic” table at the dinner party I hosted in our backyard last week.

Kitchen Island  


Over the years I have found some great pieces of furniture at flea markets. This general store cabinet is the kitchen island in our Waco home. I bought it at the Round Top Flea Market in Texas. I love it for so many reasons!

First was the price. I am pretty sure I paid only $350 – $400. It was in great condition and the paint color is amazing. (I am convinced the counter changes colors. On different days it looks gray, sage green or, aqua!) The only thing I did to the island was take off the dark wood top and replace it with a butcher block piece.

Waco Kitchen Island

The island fits perfectly in our kitchen and I could not be happier with this amazing piece of furniture. It’s old and yet it’s very simple, which I like. And it holds a ton of stuff! Plus, it’s the perfect height.

General Store Counter

My Favorite Flea Market Finds

I am sure my final selection is no surprise because I have been “gushing” over it ever since I found it this amazing piece a few years ago. We were out of the country when a friend sent me a photo and I was obsessed with it. The price was way out of my range but somehow I was able to negotiate an unbelievable price.

General Store Counter

I think the seller knew I would break into tears if I couldn’t buy it and he probably just wanted to get rid of me!

General Store Counter

So what’s your favorite vintage find?

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  1. Leslie, Do you manage the rentals for your Waco home?
    Or do you use a management company?
    We have a beach house in Florida and will soon begin renting it out. If you do your own management, I would appreciate your sharing any tips.

  2. I found a large grey painted cabinet from a yard sale in the sticks ( there was a large dog gnawing on a whole deer leg🥺🥺) for $75….. it was uses in a railroad station back in the day. I stripped it, brought it down to the natural wood and just waxed it!!!! It’s my very favorite find♥️

    1. I love that, Susie. It is so special when you can find something like that and can make it your own.

      1. I didn’t realize how many items I have purchased over the years until I read this and could totally relate to not be able to pick a favorite. We started going to antique fairs in Alameda, CA at the old airport. My favorite item that I purchased there was a secretary desk (possibly from the 50’s?) that has a lid to hide whatever I want to store in it. I use it everyday as my vanity and keep all my jewelry and makeup tucked away. One day I will actually restore it nicely. When my husband and I lived in NY we went to a salvage yard in Astoria where we found a beam from an old water tower that we made into 2 shelves that cost a whopping $15. They cut it for us and everything. These days we go to Long Beach at the college. When we moved back to CA the first thing I needed to do was set up a home office space so I scored a Knoll Executive Pollock chair for $250 with the original tag still stuck on the bottom! The Rose bowl is amazing too. We purchased a mid century wood table with drop sides that included 2 leafs and 6 cat eye chairs to go with it. The woods don’t match but it works and we can fit it in our appt or expand it for a dinner party. We have had some great parties and game nights around that table. We got the set from the same guy in Long Beach that sold us the Knoll chair and I always make sure to stop by his spot and see him when we go. Maybe we will see you at the Rose Bowl some day! Happy thrifting.

        1. Wow it sounds like you have been to a lot of antique fairs and found some really amazing stuff! I love hearing stories like this because it makes your home/furniture even more special because it has a story! Thanks for sharing Catherine!

  3. Leslie,
    Love your blog and IG page. Your farmhouse is amazing, and I too love to go vintage shopping. I started collecting Mason’s Red Vista and Ruby Red glasses years ago. A girl can never have enough dishes.
    Though you are young enough to be my daughter, my father ran the PX at Wright Patterson during WW11. I was born after the war. I’m sure our Dad’s would have had much in common were they the same age collecting great finds.

    1. Wow, Vicki, that is incredible and I do no not doubt for one second that they would have lots in common as well. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. I feel like I finally understand why I love everything you post! I became intrigued by so many of your things as they each seem to strike a wonderful chord within my soul. Today it all came together making sense. I also was born in Dayton Ohio and lived right beside Wright Patterson AFB in Beavercreek for years until I married and we chose to move to the South. I love anything with Dayton on it but your scales from your Dad really are amazing. I also love your home plans and oddly enough started reading about your home plans etc.
    The town where we relocated to is Carrollton GA which is where Max Fullbright (your architect) resides and runs his business. It all makes sense now and I understand our connections. Thank you for sharing and one day maybe our paths will cross.

    1. I am so sorry but I confused your home with another home I love that was built by Max Fulbright. At least I had a few hours of smiling about your life I made up in my elderly confusion-lol

  5. I just love Julie and Stan from @thewarpedtable – they always have such wonderful and unique things. We had planned on going to Sacramento this weekend to see them and go to the Sacramento Antique Faire, but it just got cancelled yesterday.
    I love your account – it’s inspiring and fun, which I so need right now!

    1. Melissa, thank you so much. I am so glad you are here to follow along with me, and so sorry about the faire!

  6. You brought back so many memories, the Rose Bowl flea market was my favorite place when we lived in Burbank, California. Such fond memories of the things I have still in my home. I am looking forward to going to the few flea markets we have here in Washington. I hope we will have garage sales this spring and summer.

    1. I am with you Kay. I miss the Rose Bowl Flea Market so much, next month it is back! I am so happy it brought back happy memories for you!

  7. Where did you find the two windows hanging over your white buffet piece in your living room. They are just what I am looking for!

    1. I know you will be surprised Becki, at a flea market! I think it was at either Rose Bowl or Long Beach. Happy hunting!

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