My Favorite All-Time Flea Market Vintage Finds

6FE70426-9C55-4BCE-814F-7D75FCEFF560Most of you know how much I love shopping at flea markets. In fact, I try to take you along with me as often as I can. Last week I was at @vintagejunktionla looking for holiday vintage items. Many of you not only followed me along while shopping, but you also voted on which items I should buy! Thanks so much for your input.

Since I have been shopping at flea markets for over 30 years I thought it might be fun to pick my all-time five favorite flea market finds. Of course, this is much easier than it sounds. It took me two hours of walking around my home to finalize my list! I am pretty sure you are going to recognize most of these items. But don’t be shocked when you discover there are one or two you might never have seen!

// CHINA DISHES83F9F418-70D4-4009-8004-CB164D5111B4First, I would like to start off with my black and white Royal Stafford Fine Earthenware plates. The actual pattern is called Asiatic Pheasant.I bought twelve of these plates about twenty years ago at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. (Just so you know, Johnson & Bros. also makes an identical set which has the same pattern name.)  Of all of the china patterns I own (and there are a lot), this is by far my favorite.

Both patterns are available at Replacements, Ltd. If you would like to start a collection.


91A7BF24-3C0E-4C82-8E29-9CF2759F5E7648898DF7-F2D8-4842-ABF3-37188A34D799Another one of my favorite finds are the vintage scales that my father gifted me earlier this year. My dad has collected scales for years and his collection consisted of hundreds of scales. When my parents downsized I became the lucky recipient of these scales.

It’s hard to say which is my favorite but if I was pressed I would say it’s probably the Dayton scale. I was born in Dayton, Ohio at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. I just love it!

73E785F7-1647-4B7D-B73D-72DBDD3BED3D 2My father purchased most of his scales at flea markets and antique stores. He is so knowledgeable about everything and anything having to do with scales. I just love sitting and listening to him describe them!

// CHEESE MOLDS AND METAL TRAYS DF9573FF-E0D4-4C65-9411-441211DB44CDI am laughing that I selected these cheese molds as one of my all-time vintage finds. I also bought these at the Rose Bowl Flea Market from @thewarpedtable and I just love them. IMG_0822At the same time, I also bought the metal trays that I use as chargers. They were very well priced (aka inexpensive) which probably makes me like them even more. I cannot wait to use them all at one table.


0A567A4E-CA3C-4CDC-AE3B-38CCDD30F4BAOver the years I have found some great pieces of furniture at flea markets. This corner cabinet is in our dining room and I love it for so many reasons! It fits snug in the corner and does not take up a lot of space. It’s old and yet it’s very simple, which I like. And it holds a ton of stuff! This entire cabinet is full of Rae Dunn. And I own a lot!



1CD8FED9-D6D1-451E-B291-FED916160852I am sure my final selection is no surprise because I have been “gushing” over it ever since I found it this past summer. We were out of the country when a friend sent me a photo and I was obsessed with it. The price was way out of my range but somehow I was able to negotiate an unbelievable price. I think the seller knew I would break into tears if I couldn’t buy it and he probably just wanted to get rid of me!

So what’s your favorite vintage find?

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