Styling a Fall Table

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8e29ea76-f937-479a-bb90-72282f6ecb98Most of you are aware that I am pretty new to the home décor decorating thing. The summer blog tour I participated in June was the first time I had ever decorated my home for a “season” other than Christmas! Decorating for the summer tour was so much fun and I absolutely loved it. So I guess you could say I have gotten the seasonal decorating bug and I loved styling a fall table.

One of my favorite things to do is to decorate tablescapes. I love layering and using non-traditional items on my table. Quite often my husband will come home and think we are having a dinner party, only to realize I have set every table in our house just for fun. (Or a photo shoot.)

So, just to be different I thought it would be fun to style my fall dining room table with eight different fall table settings. The tricky part is that I wanted each place setting to coordinate with the entire table and look like it’s a table set for a dinner. I didn’t want it to look like eight table settings that didn’t go together.


The first thing I did was search my house for all of my table setting goodies. (Which led me to realize that I need to store all of the items in one place. I cannot believe how many different places I found all of this stuff!)

Then I started playing. Here are the eight different settings.

I really like the look of the different place settings on the table.


How awesome are these wonderful cutouts? My friend Niki @carpenterfarmhouse made these for me! I sent her a list of Thanksgiving words and she cut them on her new laser printer. Look how fabulous they came out!


Niki is offering a special price to all of you for 48 hours! So head over to her etsy site and order some for your Thanksgiving table. (She also made Christmas ones for me too!) She ships really fast … like in two days!


So now I have to ask, which place setting is your favorite?

And for Thanksgiving, do I go with all the same settings or different like they are shown here?

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