In-Home House Tour with Thistlewood Farms

Today I am sharing an in-home house tour with KariAnne at Thistlewood! Her home is not only gorgeous but it is also amazing!

I don’t know about you, but I love a house tour. KariAnne’s home is absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Thistlewood Living Room with blue Rug

I think it is likely that you know my incredible friend KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms. Why am I sharing a house tour of her gorgeous home? Well, I have lots of good reasons.

Why I Love KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms

The first reason I am sharing a house tour of KariAnne’s home is that I love collaborating with her. I am not sure how one person can be so positive, energetic, kind, smart, motivating, and helpful. But she is!

I first met KariAnne at the Haven Conference almost four years ago. She was my mentor!

Actually, she still is my mentor. She just might not know it. We don’t need to tell her …

Every once in a while you meet someone and you just click. Every conversation I have with KariAnne is motivating and inspiring! Every single time. And we talk a lot!

Of course, here home is amazing too. You saw the iconic photo above with the coolest blue and white rug ever. I swear KariAnne has singlehandedly made her rug famous.

I love this seating area and these blue and white striped chairs are fabulous. That white table in the back was a huge thrift store find! You can find the DIY here.

Thistlewood Living Room

Let’s step outside and look at the front of her home. Hello Texas! Isn’t this wonderful?

Thistlewood Front of House

Look at her gorgeous potted plants! They are stunning!

Thistlewood Front Porch

I love this photo below. The OFFICE sign on the door and the bead board and moulding in this room are my favorite!

Thistlewood Entry

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Check out this staircase. Oh my goodness. I am dying to know who figured out the molding on the side of the staircase. See how it matches up with the stair levels? Oh my!

Thistlewood Staircase

Meet KariAnne!

This is my friend KariAnne. She is funny, and kind, and sweet, and so wonderful. I even sat her next to my boys at dinner last weekend at our Dinner with Friends in Waco. Even though she is five feet tall , and my sons are 6’4 and 6’5, I knew her personality would shine with my super tall sons.

And can I just say that I was right!

Karianne at Thistlewood

Here is a peek into her dining room. I knew we were kindred souls when I found someone else who dared to be different and paint their dining room a dark color.

Thistlewood Dining Room Peek

Isn’t this wonderful? I really love her rug and those striped dining room chairs are just wonderful!

Thistlewood Dining Room

I think you can tell a lot about a home when you visit the kitchen I LOVE that KariAnne used a darker color on her island. I want to cook in this kitchen someday.

“Hey KariAnne, can I come cook you dinner sometime in your beautiful kitchen?” (Let’s see how she answers that question!”)

Thistlewood Kitchen

Here is another view of her kitchen. Look at those baskets on her island. They are fabulous.

“KariAnne, where did you get that flat basket?” I want one!

Thistlewood Kitchen Island

I love the blue and white ceramic planters with all of these gorgeous flowers.

Thistlewood Window

DIY’s on Thistlewood Farms

In addition to her amazing home decor, KariAnne has a lot of wonderful Diy’s on her blog. Two of them are seen in this photo.

The first DIY is How to make an obelisk from an embroidery hoop. How cool is that? You can see it in the photo below.

Thistlewood Oblique Planter

KariAnne also has a great DIY titled How to paint brick steps. I love her gray painted stairs. They really look great!

If you are looking for more DIY projects, especially this weekend, then head to one of my favorite blog posts titled 17 home projects you can finish in a weekend.

I would love to know which one you want to do!

Let’s All Follow Karianne at Thistlewood Farms!

Be sure to head over to see Karianne’s blog at Thistlewood Farms. You are going to want to follow her for sure.

You can find her instagram @thistlewood and her facebook at Thistlewood Farm.

She also has a YouTube at Thistlewood Farms.

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  1. If KariAnne doesn’t answer, I’m waving my hand wildly!!! You can come cook in my kitchen ANYTIME! I’d love to be your sous chef, or beverage dealer-outer, or anyone you need.

  2. You can cook in my kitchen anytime! You may have to bring your own colander and measuring cups! LOL!

    Thank you so much for the lovely share friend!


  3. She has such a beautiful home and a wonderful friend in you to take such pride in her accomplishments. I would love to sit on a stool in her kitchen, twirl my hair and watch you both cook up fantastic treats. And I of course would be the official taster and left over taker.

  4. Wow!
    I really love how every aspect of the home complements each other.
    What brand paint color did you use by your stairs? It looks like it has a cream vanilla hue to it. Love it.

  5. KariAnne is the sweetest, most fabulous, most amazing human … and her house! Her house! I love the friendship you two share and your absolute respect and admiration for one another. I want to cook in both your kitchens … scratch that I want to sip, nibble and chat there! xo

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