Christmas Kitchen Decor

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Today I am sharing with you my Christmas kitchen decor from 2017, which was the first year I was blogging.

Christmas Kitchen Decor

Today I am sharing my Christmas kitchen decor from the first year I was blogging.

Can I just say I am a bit surprised?

It looks pretty good!

Christmas in the Kitchen

It’s actually kind of funny. Because hardly anything has changed in the last four years of Christmas kitchen decor.

Remind me next year to step it up a bit. 

You can find lots of photos of my kitchen back then in my blog post titled Decorating the Kitchen for Christmas.

I am so excited to share with you Easy Elegance Wednesdays, where we celebrate simple elegant decor.  


Today we are sharing:

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Christmas Kitchen Decor

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  1. Such a beautiful home so festive with all your decorations , handmade! Today is another baking day to decorate cookies with our granddaughter
    Merry Christmas

    1. Thank you Diane, I am so glad that you enjoy my kitchen decor. I hope you had a fun day baking with your grand daughter!

  2. I see nothing that ever needs to change … this is a working kitchen and is so beautifully laid out and decorated. I believe too many decorations stop you from seeing the importance of the room. Lucky you. I covet that bowl /pedestal on your counter and look for it in every picture. Please say … there is a source or similar one somewhere. I love it. Merry Christmas – Go, Be, Love Judy C in NC

    1. Oh my gosh Judy, thank you so much for your kind words. The bowl/pedestal is actually two pieces, one is a cake stand that I got at Home Goods years ago and the wooden bowl I got at Magnolia in Waco and carried home in my lap on the plane (I love it so much). I popped it onto the cake stand one day and it’s been there ever since!

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