DIY Christmas Wreath


Today I am sharing a Christmas wreath I made using a live cedar wreath, then added a lot of faux eucalyptus and beaded fruit.

This wreath was beyond easy to make and turned out so beautifully. If you are looking for a DIY Christmas wreath project, this is it!

Christmas Wreath DIY

One day I was looking for a Christmas wreath online and I came across one that I absolutely loved.

Until I saw the price. It was over $300. There is a photo of this wreath at the bottom of this post.

Of course, I decided to make my own Christmas wreath. So I bought a live cedar wreath at Trader Joe’s and decorated it. I love how it came out.

Christmas Wreath DIY

Everything I added to the wreath is faux. I chose not to glue it so I can save all of these items in a bag and reuse them for another wreath next year!

How to Upgrade a Fresh Wreath

I love that I started with a plain cedar wreath and was able to completely change it! The colors are my favorite too. The combination of green, red, orange, rose, and brown is perfect.

Christmas Wreath DIY

How to Make an Upgraded Christmas Wreath

I am guessing that a lot of you can make this wreath with items you already own. All you want to do is give it some life and spruce it up. And you won’t believe how easy it is.

Christmas Wreath DIY

What  You Need to Make an Upgraded Christmas Wreath

One  fresh cedar wreath

Three bunches of two different kinds of faux eucalyptus. (I used green and red.)

Beaded berry bunches

Beaded fruit bunches.

I have linked the faux greenery and berry bunches and you can find a great price on the beaded fruit here.

Christmas Wreath DIY

Cut the eucalyptus into 7 – 8″ pieces. Take the berries apart.

Christmas Wreath DIY

Add the largest bunches first. I  added five beaded bunches of fruit first. Be sure to add all fruit and greenery in the same direction as the greens in the wreath. You can usually add the items by pushing the stems securely into the greens. You can also secure them on the back with green floral wire.

Christmas Wreath DIY

Add the eucalyptus to the outside of the wreath, all the way around. 

Next, add the berries and to the wreath.

Christmas Wreath DIY

Doesn’t this look amazing?

Christmas Wreath DIY

At this point, I was tempted to add some vintage glass ornaments but decided that I liked it too much as it is.

Christmas Wreath DIY

Click here to watch a video of how to make this wreath.

Christmas Wreath DIY

Do you think I need to make a few more? I think this wreath cost me about $40 to make. Such a bargain.

Christmas Wreath DIY

Here is the wreath that costs over $300 online. I used it as my inspiration to make this wreath.

Christmas Wreath

Of course, the $329  wreath has more “stuff” but I still love mine.

If you love this wreath, but don’t want to make one for yourself, I  have included some of my favorite wreaths that you can buy. 

Click here or tap on the photo and you just might find some that you love.

Christmas wreaths

16 Unique DIY Christmas Wreaths

Here are all of the wreaths my friends and I created to share with you today. Tap on any of the links to make any of these yourself.

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15 DIY Christmas Wreaths

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  1. Love your wreath
    I too have been looking at wreaths and haven’t bought because of price
    We’ve done a Williamsburg wreath with pineapple and other fruit and we’ve done ornaments which I love but was seeing so much eucalyptus this year I wanted to use
    As always thanks for sharing🎄

  2. What a great idea the wreath came out beautifully ,and I like the idea of using a real wreath and adding the beaded fruits and faux green’s!

  3. Over 300 dollars??? I’m almost glad that here in Belgium these kind of shops are closed. We’re just aloud to buy essential things such as food, flowers (real ones, no plastic) fabric and paint.
    I love your wreath. I’ll keep it in mind next year.

  4. Your wreath is gorgeous and I honestly think much more beautiful than the $300 wreath. I personally feel that one is . When making wreaths, I also just poke my picks and stems in without gluing. Keeps my stash always ready to go.

    1. Lindsay,
      Thank you! I love that I can reuse the picks and greenery. It does keep the “stash” well supplied.

  5. I totally agree with the others who said yours is better, sweeter too. The colors and the fruit are rather whimsical too. Kudos to you and thanks for showing us the way. I am here from Thistlewood and will subscribe now.

  6. Where did you buy the beaded fruit? I need to replace some on an old wreath and I can’t find it anywhere.

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