How to Make Wire Flowers DIY

Today I am sharing a very easy and fun craft. I made these flowers with copper wire and I want you to know that you can make these too!

I just love these copper wire flowers. These were so much fun to make and I loved that they were easy to make and cost very little!

Copper Flowers

Each flower only takes a few minutes to make and the end result is amazing.

Copper Wire Flowers DIY

The process to make these sunflowers is the same for any other flower. So get ready to see some roses, tulips, and even poinsettias in the future. You will be able to make any flower you want as well.

Copper Flowers close up

What  You Need to Make Wire Flowers

I  used copper wire that I bought on Amazon. It is 20 gauge and easy to bend. It comes in almost 30 colors and the entire roll only costs $10. (The wire comes in about twenty different colors.)  I made all of these flowers (and had some leftover) from this one roll.


I also bought some Round Nose Pliers but didn’t use them that much.

copper flowers DIY

I chose to make a sunflower because I wanted to add them to my fall decor. 

How to Make a Wire Flower

  1. Count the number of petals you need for the flower.  Measure the length of each flower petal. Make a circle of wire that is two times the width of each petal and wrap the circle around with wire one half the number of petals you need. (Sorry if this sounds like one of those dreaded math word problems from middle school.)

For example, I needed 20 petals that were three inches long. So I made a circle of wire that was 6″ wide and wrapped it around ten times. 

How to Make Copper flowers

2. You can see from the photo below how the circle becomes your flower petals. Since the circle is pinched in the center, you get twenty petals from a circle wrapped twenty times.

3.  Once you have made your circle of wire, secure it in the center. Don’t cut the wire. (I managed to use one piece of wire for the entire flower.)

How to Make Copper Flowers 2

4. Secure the wire tightly in the center.

How to Make Copper Flowers 3

5. Pull the petals apart in a way that slightly resembles your flower.

How to Make Copper Flowers 4

6.  Decide on the length of your stem and fold the wire up and back so that you have two lengths of wire for your stem.

How to Make Copper Flowers 5

7. Wrap the wire around the center of the flower to secure the flower petals and also resemble the center of a sunflower.

Once your center of the flower is made, twist the remaining wire underneath the flower with the top of your stem. 

How to Make Copper Flowers 6

8. Because the ends of a sunflower petal are slightly pointed,  I used my round nose pliers and bent the ends first.

How to Make Copper Flowers 7

9.  Next, I  formed the petals so they looked like my flower.  I also bent them in a bit of an arc, as the sunflower petals naturally do.

How to Make Copper Flowers 8

10. Continue forming the petals and layer them if needed to make the flower look more realistic.

How to Make Copper Flowers 9

11. Once you are done making the flower, take the remaining wire and twist it with the other stem wires to tighten the wires together.

How to Make Copper Flowers 10

See how easy that was? 

I made all of my stems the same length. But when it came to arranging them, I just bent the bottom of the wires to vary the stem length.

How to Make Copper Flowers 13       

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How to Make Copper Wire Flowers


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  1. Made one this morning out of some scrap wire my husband had. It was a smaller gage and was in 4 pieces but it still worked ou great. I had a bottle in the fridge from some sparkling lemonade that was just like yours only clear. It is now on the counter and looks cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Great tutorial, thanks. I plan to make some of these flowers to top wood or bamboo stakes for our garden to bring electroculture into our gardens to help grow more food, larger fruits and veggies and flowers/ bushes/ trees too.

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