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My Favorite Painted Pumpkin

I am so happy my original painted pumpkin project didn’t work because it led me to create this deconstructed painted pumpkin! And I love it.

Painted plaid pumpkin

Ok, time for a confession. When we were coming up with ideas for a blog hop and the idea came up to create something related to flannel, plaid or sweaters, I panicked. Why? Because I had never done a craft with a sweater or plaid or flannel. I even tried to back out. But as one of the hosts of this group I decided I couldn’t really back out. I had to step up and just do it.

I thought about making a pillow but I just couldn’t come up with a design. So I ended up with a painted pumpkin. But that didn’t work. So I made a “deconstructed” painted pumpkin.

So what do you think? It’s plaid. Or kind of plaid. And I learned a huge lesson doing this project. IF you are doing a craft project and it fails don’t give up. Be creative and you just may end up with something you love.

As I mentioned, this is a blog hop and I have joined some other very creative and talented bloggers (who I am sure didn’t throw a hissy fit about this project like me). We are all sharing our flannel, plaid or sweater inspired projects. Their projects are featured at the bottom of this post and they are amazing! (Note to self, I probably should have looked on Pinterest because there really are some great projects that fit this theme.)

painted pumpkin

This “deconstructed” pumpkin wasn’t my original idea. My original idea was to paint a pumpkin in a plaid design. But you will see below that the paint looked awful, so I decided to rub it off to create a more vintage look. And I love it. Yes, I love my plaid painted pumpkin. Go figure!

To start this project, you need a pumpkin. You can use a real or a faux pumpkin. I had an extra faux blush pumpkin laying around and decided to use it. You also need acrylic paint in three colors. You will need a light, medium and dark tone of one color, such as white, grey and black. Since I loved the color of my blush pink pumpkin, I used the color of the pumpkin as my medium tone. All I needed was white and a darker blush tone. So I mixed my colors and I was ready to start. (Please don’t tell my husband I used his Stanford plates to mix my colors.)

paint for painted pumpkin

Next, I drew the pattern on my pumpkin. The first calculation you need to make is to divide the pumpkin vertically with an even number of sections. I used six sections. Next, draw the horizontal lines. I suggest you measure from the top to keep the lines as straight as possible.

how to make a plaid painted pumpkin

On the top row (closest to the stem) paint the sections alternating the light and middle paint colors. (Don’t use the dark one.)

For the second row, use the light and dark paint colors. Just make sure when you start with the light color paint that it is opposite of the light color paint above it.

For the third row, use the light and middle paint colors. Once again make sure the colors are alternating with the row above it. 

Painting a pumpkin

When the paint is almost dry, take a damp cloth and lightly rub away some of the paint. Keep rubbing until you get that “deconstructed look”.

Making a deconstructed painted pumpkin

My goal was to create a worn look and get rid of the “hard lines”.

painted pumpkin project

I absolutely love how this turned out. It’s even better than I had hoped it would be.

DIY painted pumpkin

There are so many different colors you could use to make these pumpkins! But you may have noticed these are my colors for fall.

You might want to add some varnish to your pumpkin to protect the paint. I haven’t done that but I will soon. 


Now it’s time to check out all of the wonderful projects my blogging friends made. And yes, they are way more creative than I am!

fall diy project ideas

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Pin the image below to your Fall Decor and Craft boards on Pinterest (just click the Pin button in the top left corner). You can also follow along with me on Pinterest!

Pinterest graphic of fall DIY projects  

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