Fabric Valentine Hearts DIY

Valentine fabric hearts DIY

I spent a few days at the beach house last week with three amazing women, Lorzel from Barnhouse Vintage Market, Debra from Debra Hall Lifestyle and Laurie from The Pink Porch Ventura. We spent a lot of time talking about Instagram but we also had some fun sharing DIYs. Each of us hosted a DIY which was really fun! Today I am thrilled to share Debra Hall from Debra Hall Lifestyle and her DIY to make fabric valentine hearts.

Valentine fabric hearts DIY 2

What You Will Need

Assorted fabrics 

Embroidery Thread or Thin Yarn

Large needles

Dried Lavender

Pillow stuffing

Valentine fabric hearts DIY 3

Debra brought vintage fabrics that were left over from the pillows she sells on Debra Hall Lifestyle. I was immediately drawn to the pink/red fabric as well as all of the neutral fabrics. All of the fabrics I used were cotton or linen.

Valentine fabric hearts DIY 4

Valentine fabric hearts DIY 5

How to Make Valentine Fabric Hearts

Step #1 – Cut out the Hearts

Cut out a heart pattern.  Be sure to fold over your paper and cut out half of the heart on the fold. This will ensure that the heart is even on both sides.

I made two different sized heart patterns. You can also sew a heart on top of a heart if you want!

Valentine fabric hearts DIY 6

Step #2 – Stich the Hearts

Sew along the outside of the heart, about 1’4″ from the edge with a running stitch. You can try to sew even stitches or not, both will look great. Stop stitching when you have about one inch left to stitch. 

Valentine fabric hearts DIY 7

Step #3 – Fill the hearts.

You can fill the hearts with dried lavender or polyfill. I filled the small ones with lavender and the larger ones with polyfill. Once filled, continue stitching the heart and knot on the back to secure.

Valentine fabric hearts DIY 8

We had so much fun making these hearts. And we made a mess, which is always a good sign of a fun time.

Valentine fabric hearts DIY 9 Valentine fabric hearts DIY 10

I knew I wanted to put my hearts in this dough bowl so I guessed I would need about 11. (I always use odd numbers in my decor.)

Valentine fabric hearts DIY 11 Valentine fabric hearts DIY 14

Look at the fabulous hearts that were also made!

Debra Hall Lifestyle

Laurie at The Pink Porch Ventura

Lorzel at Barnhouse Chicks Market

What a wonderful project! I loved making these fabric Valentine hearts. I hope you will make some of your own!  Valentine fabric hearts DIY 14

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  1. So cute and easy! I may do this and send to my daughter in Southern California—she’s a Valentine’s Baby!

  2. What a cute project!!! I love how they are all so different. Where do you purchase the lavender you use to fill them?

  3. Love love these DIY Valentine fabric hearts….shoulda had a workshop to make them Leslie, lol
    Displaying them in the rustic trays really presents beautifullly.

  4. I made some small fabric hearts last year different from these .I will make these this year to add to my other ones .Their really cute.

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