New Fall Farmhouse Decor

new fall decor

I am so happy to share with you some new fall decor I have added to our home that I found at JOANN. Every season they have an amazing selection of pillows, blankets, trays, signs, and florals to name a few. These items bring color, texture, and depth to our home and I love it.

I have also added two new handmade decor items that have solved a storage problem I have had for a while. 

fall farmhouse decor

One of the problems with being creative is that I always have a lot of projects going on. Usually, I have projects with fabric and yarn and crepe paper and who knows what else. These projects often clutter our house a bit. Ok, sometimes it is more than a bit. I also have magazines laying around and I wish my “creative stuff” could be more organized. 

homemade fall tote bags

I finally decided that it was time for my “creative stuff” to become part of my decor. So I decided to make a few bags to hold my projects and magazines. I made them out of fabrics that match my decor and I carry them around the house wherever I go. And it’s made a huge difference! I can’t wait to share with you how I made these bags.

The New Fall Decor

There are so many wonderful fall decor items in this photo from JOANN. I love the decor at JOANN that I found to brighten up our living room. 

fall decor for your home

These new pillows look great with our slipcovered couch. I bought all four patterned pillows on our couch at JOANN.

fall decor

This metal tray and the round grapevine balls look great on the coffee table. I added a rustic wood rectangle pallet to create some texture and dimension to the table.

fall decor paper flowers

The orange plaid throw is perfect for some of our cool summer nights. 

fall accessories

The Hudson Finds Carved Dot Wood Vase and flowers look fantastic on our vintage wicker side table.

My New Craft Bags

My favorite new fall decor items in our living room are my new craft bags. Look how well they match and hide my “stuff”! 

tote bags

adding fall decor

How to Make the Craft Bags

DIY craft bags

craft bags homemade

The day I came up with a way to “camouflage” my craft mess was a really great day. I went straight to my local JOANN store and found everything I needed to make the bags.

I found a pattern that I liked (McCalls 7640) and some remnants and fabrics at JOANN that matched my decor. And then I started sewing.

craft bag materials

The bag was pretty easy to make. It took me a bit of time to decide which section to cut in each color. And at first, I didn’t notice how the panels were to be cut. You can’t fold the fabric. Rather, you have to follow the directions exactly as stated. (It’s not hard at all if you pay attention. Haha.)

craft bag pattern

I love the fabrics. They are fabulous and are the perfect color palette for our home.

craft bag diy

The easiest part of making the bags was sewing the panels together. I followed the directions in the McCalls pattern very easily. They were very straight forward and easy to follow.

craft bag sewing

There is a bit of interfacing used to keep the bag steady. 

DIY sewing tote bags

I even made the straps just a bit longer. I love how the decor matches our family room perfectly.

making a craft bag

And I am really happy how the lining finished off the bag.

how to make a tote bag

When I finished this bag I decided it was too small for my projects. So I took my pattern and made a larger pattern for another bag. I knew making the second one would be much easier and it was!

It’s not hard to expand a pattern if you are working with square or rectangle shapes. Just make a vertical and horizontal cut in the pattern and extend it by the same number of inches on each piece. I used the grid interfacing which made the sizing so easy!

how to enlarge a pattern

The larger bag is perfect for my projects. I am even considering making another one. I mean, who has only one project happening at a time anyway, right?

totebags for your home

I love my new fall decor and craft bags from JOANN. I hope you are inspired as well.

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  1. Great items you found at Joanne’s. My house is in painting project overload. Since health improvements I can tackle pieces on the list for a few years.

    My Bombay chest is coming along just as I envisioned. Waiting for fabric for my French armoire. Excited for my plans.

    Drying Hydrangeas for fall decorating too.

    Enjoy your day


  2. For those of us who do not sew…I’ve even given away my old Singer…you could sell those bags. Love ’em. Let me know if you ever decide to put them on the market.

  3. I love these bags and especially your fabric choices. They match my house too and plan on looking for similar fabrics and possibly making them for Christmas gifts.

  4. Love the picture with the piano at the back. Just gifted mine to my older daughter and cannot figure out….yet…that space in my living room!!! I

  5. Can you tell me where the glass vase came from?? The one on the coffee table with the tall stems in it. Thank tou!

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