The Back Porch Makeover – Part Three

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Now that the not-so-fun part of my Back Porch makeover is out of the way (i.e. cleaning) it is time to begin the fun part.  I saw these hanging shelves on Instagram and have been watching them on the Hobby Lobby website. As soon as they went on sale for 50% off I bought two of them right away. I knew they would look fantastic in front of the lattice on each side of the fireplace.

How great are these shelves? I pulled out some of my antique ball jars and a few other fun items and they look fabulous. I even bought terra cotta pots at home depot and used a fun aging technique

See these old dirty drapes?


I tried cleaning the drapes that were hanging in front of my office window but decided I wanted to go with off-white drapes that would match the other ones hanging on the opening to the porch. I really like these a lot better. I got them from Pottery Barn during their 25% Memorial Day sale.

Don’t they look a lot better?


Finally, I moved the table around and tried a few different seating arrangements. I finally settled on this option and moved the table outside of the covered patio. I love it because of the new lighting I added! More on that later too!


P.S. Can you see who photo bombed this picture?

S H O P     T H E     P O S T

This post is the third in a larger series… since I’m not done with the makeover, who knows how many there will be!

You can find part one here and part two here.

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  1. It’s lovely Leslie. You have a gorgeous space and your love for your home really shows. Your home is just gorgeous.

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