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I am really excited to share with you an awesome DIY fall decor project. I made this amazing “finger-knitted” blanket in one day and it is the best.

fall decor

Fall is such a fun season to decorate our home. I am thrilled with all of my fall decor. The faux flowers are perfect and I love how the small velvet pumpkins tie everything together. I made this cozy chunky blanket without knitting needles because I used looped yarn. I am so excited to share my DIY with you! 

decorating fall decor

Fall Decor

Let’s start with what I found to decorate our home. You can see from my shopping carts (yes, I needed two!) that I had a concept in mind. I wanted to add lots of colors and as soon as I found these Simply Autumn Felt Pumpkins in Mesh Bag I knew what my palette would be. I chose Pinkish orange, magenta, off-white, and tan. 

styling fall decor

After I decided on my color palette the rest of the shopping was easy. I also decided to make some pumpkins so I purchased two different decor fabrics. I found a wonderfully printed Waverly Dashing Damask Natural Burlap and a bright and colorful decorator fabric. Then I bought some faux florals which I love. I also found a new chunky chenille yarn called Bernat Alize Blanket-EZ Yarn (you can also find it here) that allows you to knit a blanket without using knitting needles. You can make the blanket so quickly it is amazing.

fall decor

The first room I decorated with my fall decor was the dining room. I love having a table set in our dining room and the felt Pumpkins absolutely made the entire dining room burst with color.

fall table decor

I used some vintage brick molds as my centerpieces and filled them with faux greenery and pumpkins.

fall table decor

I love the simple design and fun fall colors in this room.

living room fall decor

I absolutely love these white faux flowers. I am sure they will remain here in my living room year-round!

fall floral decor

I also purchased two lovely faux fall florals. They work perfectly with my fall color palette and look so natural in my vintage crock. I then placed them all along the outside of the crock to add some fullness to my floral arrangement.

Chunky Blanket

I wanted to share this off-white Soft Chunky Chenille Blanket with Pom Poms that I made. The yarn is called Bernat Alize Blanket-EZ Yarn. The yarn is already looped and all you do is put the loops inside the loops to knit a blanket. You do not use any needles! It is the softest yarn I have ever worked with and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved making this! I love pom poms on blankets so I bought a pom pom maker called Pom Pom Maker Large and made my own. (It was very easy.)

chunky blanket

I worked on the blanket on and off for a week and it came out better than I expected. IF you worked on it straight you could probably make it in a day. It is the coziest blanket ever!

How to Make the Finger Knitted Pom Pom Blanket

fall decor chunky blanket

Pom Pom Blanket DIY

  • one – Determine the width of your blanket and measure the length of your first row of yarn. My blanket measured seven feet by seven feet which required ten balls of yarn. You might want to make one smaller!
  • two – It’s easiest to make this on a flat surface. Once you have measured your width, pull the yarn above the row and lay it flat in the other direction.
  • three – Pull the top loop through the bottom loop. Make sure not to twist the yarn. This is all you need to do to knit the blanket!
  • four – Continue each row. Be sure to make sure you don’t skip any loops. I flipped the blanket over and check the back for slipped loops about every few feet just to be sure. I also liked to lay out the yarn so the loops were flat each time I started a new row.
  • five – Continue looping until you reach your desired size.
  • six – To bind off, place the already knitted loop that is closest to the edge through the loop next to it. Continue all the way across.
  • seven -To make the pom poms select the desired size of the pom pom maker.
  • eight – Open up the pom pom maker.
  • nine – Open the pompom maker and wrap the yarn around the base three times on each side.
  • ten – Close the base and repeat on the other side. Close the pom pom maker completely.
  • eleven – Cut the yarn along the outside of the round base. You should follow the ridge with your scissors to get an even cut.
  • twelve – Using another piece of yarn, loop it through the cut area and pull it tight and knot it. Be sure to leave a long enough strand on each side to tie the pom pom to your blanket. Open up the pompom maker and pull out the pompom.
  • thirteen – With a pair of sharp scissors cut the threads to ensure they are all even. If you want a more full pom pom than the ones I made, just wrap the yarn more than three times on each side. I measured the ends and determined the distance I needed to have the pom poms spaced equally. Then I tied them. I used ten pom poms on each end of the blanket.

Doesn’t my blanket look awesome?

Step 14

As the final touch for my fall decor, I found the perfect wreath for our front door. It’s got the perfect colors and I just love how it looks!

fall decor wreath

I absolutely love our new fall decor.

Need to get your home ready for fall? Click the photos below to check out these great fall decor items. The four pictured below are all under $20!

I love copper accents and they combine so beautifully with fall colors. Below are some of my favorite copper pieces to use for fall.

Here are some of my favorite throws and cozy blankets to keep you warm on crisp fall mornings and evenings.

The easiest and least expensive way to add fall to your decor is with faux foliage. There are so many incredible options that look great and the prices are amazing! Check these out!

These fall items just make me happy. How cute would this wagon look filled with pumpkins? Happy Fall!

If you don’t have time for a DIY, check out these fabulous fall items you can buy.

Click to Shop Fall Decor

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How to Make a Loop Blanket

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  1. I love the blanket I’m totally going to make it but can I ask you what color your yarn was. Was it cream or was it antique white and I may even do the dark gray I really like that too

  2. Hello from Ohio! As I slowly prepare for retirement, in a few years, I want to get back into crafting. Those full-time Mommy years slowed me down. I now have a 2nd and 3rd generation that is revitalizing my interest. I truly enjoy your IG, now following your blog. Thank you.

  3. Hi Leslie! This looks like an older post so perhaps that is why the DIY link to the fabric pumpkins on Joann’s website is not available. 😩 How about giving us a short how to tutorial? Also, how many skeins of the Bernat yarn needed for your blanket and are the instructions included with the yarn?

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