The Best Way to Add Fall Decor to Your Kitchen

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add fall decor to your kitchen

Although I am trying to avoid it, I think it is finally time to add fall decor to our kitchen! Our kitchen is what is called a working kitchen. I cook dinner at least five nights a week and am always entertaining friends and family whenever I can. 

how to add fall decor to your kitchen

When it’s time to add fall decor to your kitchen I have one piece of advice. Keep it simple. If you are like me, I use every inch of our kitchen for cooking and I don’t have room for a lot of decor.

kitchen fall decor

The best news about adding simple fall decor to your kitchen is that it doesn’t take a lot of time and it’s inexpensive. And if you look really closely at these photos you can see that all I did was add pumpkins, a coordinating cookbook, and some pumpkin spice natural cleaning materials!

Last fall I  used these blush pink pumpkins all throughout our home. They are my favorite color ever and I love how they add just a bit of color to my basic white kitchen. Next, I added some flowers to some crocks and that’s all my kitchen needed!

kitchen fall decor ideas

If you have pumpkins from last year you don’t have to buy new ones. Consider some fall decorations DIY projects! Have you ever made copper leaf pumpkins? I wrote a blog post titled How to Make Copper Pumpkins. I used the previous years’ pumpkins and covered them with copper leaf. How great would these look in your kitchen? Especially if you already have copper accents!

copper leaf pumpkins

I also made fabric pumpkins and used driftwood I found on the beach for the stems. If you look closely you will probably figure out these were really easy to make. All I did was cut a circle from fabric, gather up the edges, and stuff them with poly filling and beans. That’s pretty much all it takes. Head to my blog post to learn about how to make fabric pumpkins and see for yourself!

If you are looking for inexpensive pumpkins you can also paint them. I bought some paper mache pumpkins and painted them sage green and offwhite. I am pretty sure they each cost just a few dollars and look how great they look! You can find detailed instructions on how to paint these pumpkins on my blog post titled Painting Pumpkins.

If you like my pumpkin blush pumpkins, why not paint some of your old pumpkins this color?


I love that these pumpkins provide a pop of color and yet don’t take up any of my cooking space! You won’t believe how much of a mess I can make when I am entertaining a large group of people.

kitchen decor ideas

Another way to add fall decor for your kitchen is by hanging wreaths in your windows.

Fall Wreath  

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  1. You have inspired me to get moving on my fall decorating and doing my own blog this weekend. I am in full-on puppy mode….lol…everything has been taking a back seat to him!!!
    Your place looks awesome and cosy!!!

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