Christmas Eve and Sunday Morning Coffee

Wow. It’s Christmas Eve. It’s one of my favorite days of the year and I am thrilled that I have a refrigerator full of leftovers from our party last night!

Our party was amazing. It was so much fun and I was smiling the entire time since our family was all here. The Northern California family members didn’t arrive until Friday so I have been very focused on my grandson and party prep! Thanks for joining me today for Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun.

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I thought I would share some fun photos from the party.

Of course, these are all from before the party started as I am terrible about remembering to take photos once my guests arrive.

Someday I will get better and take photos once the party or dinner party begins. But I can promise you that it was fun and the food was amazing!!!!

My Latest Project

My Latest Project

I honestly cannot remember when my house has ever been this organized. I have spent a month getting our home ready for the holidays which has involved completely converting one bedroom, cleaning out four closets, cleaning out the entire third floor, and … are you ready for this … getting ready to move our weight room to the Carriage House!

I know you are probably shocked but we need a larger workout room which means we can convert the old room into a nursery!

So we have been working very hard reorganizing the house.

And I am ready to finally have my sale!


Well, the entire Carriage House is full of vintage, barely used, and brand new stuff. I love it all but I just don’t have anywhere to put it.

The Big Sale Here on January 6th

Tips to Buying a Vintage Chandelier
This vintage long table and eight chairs are for sale!

So I am selling it all. On Saturday, January 6th, from 9:00am until 3:00 pm. It will be held at my house and the date is definite.

(True story … my boys are waiting for Jan 8th to start moving into the new weight room in the Carriage House so this sale will be happening!)

I will start listing the types of items I will be selling but there is a lot of furniture, vintage items, bedding, vintage quilts, and more. And prices will be so that I can sell everything so they will be amazing.

I will make a weather call three days prior as it would be hard to hold the sale in the rain. But plan on this date for sure!

Wood kitchen table and chairs in a white kitchen with white cabinets and appliances
These six chairs from Pottery Barn are for sale.

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

I am making an amazing Christmas gift for my Grandson Graham (and Andrew and /?Charlotte) and I might have stayed up until 3:30 am one night this past week trying to get it done. I have a few more things to do today but it will be wrapped and under the tree. I promise to share it after Christmas!!!

This week's to do list.
  • Finish Graham’s gift.
  • Enjoy the holiday and my family.
  • Nothing else matters.

I am a huge fan of Melissa at the Inspired Room and here is her 2023 Christmas house tour!

Have you ever heard of a Kalimotxo drink? Would you believe it is red wine and coke?

Here are some great tips for preparing your backyard for winter!

I love these Snowflake Sugar Cookies from Happy Happy Nester.

I love this recipe from a Beautiful Mess for a Carmel Macciato. Yum!

Last week I shared a fun DIY and how to make a glue gun stencil, and a Anthro knock pillow. I also shared recipes for Christmas brunch, my amazing Peanut Butter Fudge, some wreath cookies, and Christmas morning mimosas.

Next week is one of my favorite weeks of the year! I will be sharing, with two of my favorite bloggers my top Ten Favorites from the year! We will be sharing our favorite home decor items, crafts, Amazon finds, rooms, tables and house projects, and our top ten blog posts.

  • Happy New Year 2023 – S3/V1

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Our annual Christmas Party.

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  1. What a beautiful family you have. Enjoy this week with them. I can’t wait to see your grandson’s Christmas gift, do share. Next year might you consider hiring a photographer for your party? That way you’ll have pictures but still enjoy being the hostess with the mostess. Merry Christmas.

  2. Have not received your blog for today (25th). Miss your programs. Look forward to them everyday. Please send it to me again. Thank you so much

  3. I am so sorry and being a pest. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and very blessed New Year. I count you as one of my favorite people

  4. Awww what a sweetheart that little one is! And how wonderful that you get to have all your family with you. Your sale sounds amazing – too bad I don’t live closer – and the new weight room (and nursery) will beso worth the effort. Hope you have a great in-between week, and a wonderful New Year’s celebration. Thanks for all your inspiration this year!

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