Christmas Centerpiece with Hanging Flowers

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For this year’s Christmas party I was inspired to try something a little different and create a Christmas centerpiece with hanging flowers.

Christmas Centerpiece with Hanging Flowers

I love it when ideas come to life and they turn out even better than you expect! This Christmas Centerpiece was made from hanging flowers and I absolutely love how it looks in our family room. Wow!

This Year’s Christmas Party is a Little Different, and so is my Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas Centerpiece with Hanging Flowers

We have held our annual Christmas party for 34 years. The party began with 30-40 of our closest friends and has grown over the years. We have made new friends through our children’s schools and sporting events and now that our children are grown, their friends come as well. For many years, we have hosted over 200 people at our Christmas party. And yes, I cook all of the food.

Last year, we held the Christmas party with just our family of six. Everyone had input on their favorite Christmas party dishes and which ones we would make. Instead of making over 500 crabcakes, I made 24. We all dressed up, put on festive holiday music, and had a great time eating our favorite party food, and reminisced about funny stories from Christmas parties past.

This year, we are having a small version of our annual Christmas party. Small being about 50 people. I went through the same process as last year of figuring out which menu items to make and which ones to let go of. The crab cakes of course made the cut! So did the smoked turkey sandwiches on orange cranberry muffins and my classic Christmas cookies that I decorated this year inspired by my love of English advertising pots.

There are a few things that have changed since we last hosted people in our home. Our family room furniture has been moved around. The table that I put desserts on is now in the middle of the family room instead of near the french doors where the sectional is now.

Because we are having fewer people, the house will need a little more decoration than usual. I was inspired by a post I saw on Anastasia Casey of The Indentité Collective’s Instagram page. The post was posted together by Taste Made Home and featured a hanging floral tablescape. Anastasia’s page is absolutely gorgeous, make sure you check out both her page and Taste Made Home’s.

Whenever I find a project that inspires me, I refer to it as a “this, but that” project. I start with a general idea “this” but then I twist it up to make it my own “that”. This project is one of those “this but that” projects. The photo below is the original inspiration.

And this is what I created for my Christmas centerpiece with hanging flowers. What do you think?

Christmas Centerpiece with Hanging Flowers

The How-To

I started this project with the intent to reuse the centerpiece that I made last year for my Christmas Dinner with the Nutcracker post. I participated in a Christmas collaboration with The Home Depot and built the centerpiece which I have used several times since, in several different ways. The original use was to hang small mason jars with candles and nutcracker snowflakes. If you want to make your own centerpiece, go to the Nutcracker post for all of the details.

I used the centerpiece again to create a silver and gold Christmas table for my post Dining Room Christmas Decor pictured below.

I added a 6′ threaded rod to the top of the centerpiece and secured it with nuts to create stability so that the sides of the centerpiece would not pull to the center due to the weight of the centerpiece.

Christmas Centerpiece with Hanging Flowers

Because I was using fresh flowers and fresh greenery, I used wet floral foam to keep the centerpiece alive. By soaking the wet floral foam in water, the flowers will last quite a long time. I skewered the wet floral foam balls onto a 6″ threaded rod and then and wrapped chicken wire around them to create a cylinder around the floral foam balls. I used floral wire to secure the chicken wire cylinder closed.

Knowing that the wet floral foam balls together with the greenery and flowers would be heavy, I also wired the threaded rod part of the centerpiece to the ceiling bracket for the light fixture that is over the table.

I wanted to mention that you don’t need to use wet floral foam balls. The regular wet floral foam brick might work even better.

Christmas Centerpiece with Hanging Flowers

Now the fun part, adding the greenery and flowers to create the centerpiece! I am so lucky to have the Los Angeles Flower Market nearby. As I always do, I made an early morning trip to the flower market to get all of the greenery and flowers. I used lots of cedar, my favorite at Christmastime, seeded eucalyptus, red roses, white mums, and some other greenery and flowers that I don’t know the names of, but they were the colors and textures that I needed! Do you know what they are? Let me know!

Christmas Centerpiece with Hanging Flowers

I started by adding the greenery first. The greenery gives me the backdrop that I need so that the flowers will be the star of the centerpiece. The greenery is added all the way around the cylinder, and the top and bottom so that the wet floral foam balls and chicken wire are completely covered.

Once all of the greenery is in place, I began adding the flowers. I wanted the flowers to shine as the center of the Christmas centerpiece. The tricky part was matching both sides of the centerpiece so that the greenery and flowers looked the same from both sides.

Christmas Centerpiece with Hanging Flowers

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Christmas Centerpiece with Hanging Flowers

Once the hanging flowers were finished, I filled the bottom of the centerpiece with greenery. Ta da!

Christmas Centerpiece with Hanging Flowers

I am so excited about the way this project turned out. Inspiration is a really fun way to create a project, but you never know exactly how it will turn out. Executing what is in my mind’s eye is not always the easiest thing to do!

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Christmas Centerpiece with Hanging Flowers

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  1. that centerpiece is AMAZING! too much work for me, but if I could hire you, I would;
    your guests are lucky, hope they appreciate being invited to your house, lol.

  2. Hi Leslie

    I used a similar idea to create and outdoor floral arch for my eldest daughter and future son-in-law to be married under. Thought I’d pass that on, just in case you ever have another wedding in the future-haha.


  3. That center piece is absolutely beautiful!
    Love all you DIYs.
    Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022
    to you and your family

  4. WOW WOW WOW is all I can say! Happiest of Holidays to you Leslie and your family. To a happy and healthy 2022! 🎄✨

  5. Leslie, what do I think? I think you are a genius and you NEVER disappoint with your beautiful creations. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you have to do a book, it would immediately be a #1 best seller. Move over Martha, Leslie Saeta is the new queen of all things decor, design, creativity, and beautiful “how to” projects. You are such an inspiration and bring so much joy to your readers. Thank you!

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