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organization ideas

Organizing a home. Yep, that’s the theme for my blog this month. Before I start the big projects (such as our third floor and my art studio) I wanted to highlight some of the everyday items in our home that provide me with some organizational relief.

I am one of those people that, as my brother once said, “is a fixer”. It doesn’t matter what it is. If it’s broke I want to fix it. Especially when it comes to everyday things. If something is bothering me, like a lamp that is hard to reach to turn on, I fix the problem. I will move the table or worst case, buy a new lamp! My point is that often there are small things, that when fixed, can bring a lot of organization to your life.

When we remodeled our kitchen nineteen years ago, I knew I needed two silverware drawers. For thirty years I have used two different sets of silverware. I use them every day and put them in the dishwasher.  The first is our everyday silverplate which is on the right. The second is our sterling silver, which is on the left. (I know, you probably think I am crazy. Sterling silver in the dishwasher? You can read more about that here.) I got so tired of reaching inside the silver chest every day that I knew that if I was going to use my silver daily it needed its own drawer! So all of my silverware is located side by side in these two drawers and I love it.

organization ideas 2

I also was bothered by the huge pile by our front door of backpacks and sporting equipment that our boys conveniently piled up in our entryway 24/7. So I had these wooden lockers built with cutouts of their names (for ventilation … stinky athletes have stinky sporting equipment and clothes).

organization ideas 3

I also love to use vintage items for storage and organization. I love locker baskets and I use them all over our house for storage. I love the vintage look.

organization ideas 4

This vintage crib mattress frame is what I use to organize my blog posts.

organization ideas 5

This vintage storage cabinet in our dining room is where I keep my Rae Dunn collection. (To be truthful, there are a few additional Rae Dunn items hiding in various places in our home. Just don’t mention it to my husband, ok?) I love this cabinet so much.

organization ideas 6

And check out this fabulous cabinet in our dining room. How wonderful is it to have built-ins like this?

organization ideas 7

I love to recycle some of the items in our home for storage. I have lots of organization in my flower arranging room, thanks to the coffee rack and hook rack I added when this was a coffee room! (You can find the mug rack in my Amazon Store.)

organization ideas 8

Finally, these two gadgets are my absolute favorite. I found these, thanks to my sister-in-law. The one thing that has bothered me forever is my bedside table. I cannot stand the constant tangling of phone/ipad/computer charging cords. And the fact that I had to practically get out of bed to turn off our light was really a hassle.

The light switch/dimmer and the weighted cord holder are simply brilliant inventions. Just plug your lamp into the switch and you can turn it on/off or use the dimmer. And the weighted cord holder allows you to keep all of your charging cords in order. Click on the links to purchase the weighted cord holder and the lamp dimmer. All items can be found in my Amazon Store. What’s my Amazon Store? It’s a place where you will find all the things I have bought on Amazon that are in my home! I get asked every day where to find these items so I thought I would put them in one place.

organization ideas 9

I love that we can all add organization to our homes with vintage items and some very clever gadgets.

I told you I was a fixer.

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  1. I love all these useful organizational tips and ideas we can all incorporate into our homes/offices. Whether our homes are large or small (like mine) we can all benefit from being more organized! Thanks, Leslie!

  2. I love the silverware drawers side by side. I don’t have that, but You have helped me decide to get the silverware out of the chest and use it everyday!! It is so beautiful, why is it packed away?!
    Have a wonderful new year!

  3. Love it!!! My silverware fancy as I call it is in my buffet. I think it would be more concur than nearer it’s sisters:). I love the bedside gadgets. I am forever fishing for charging cords. Once again thank you for your tips happiest new year!!!!

  4. I made the mistake ( or blessing-whichever way to look at it!) of binge watching “Tidying Up” on Netflix this week. Oh my-I tell you-it changed my life. I am working my way through each room, my dresser looks so good that I don’t want to wear anything in it. I am hooked. My drawers, kitchen and bathroom is a breath of fresh air. Sounds crazy-but trust me kids-it is amazing. Binge time! I am a true convert of Marie Kondo way of folding and “spark joy”
    Cheers all!

  5. Great tips and I’m definitely getting one of those cord organizers, Thanks! I love your name by the way. It was my fathers, brothers, sisters middle, nieces and niece by marriages name, lol! So I’ve had lots of Leslie’s in my life! Happy New Year to you and your family! 😁

  6. Awesome home organization idea. I think these idea help me to organize my home more efficiently and these thing make my home more beautiful. Thanks for your good share.

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