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One of the problems with Instagram is that it’s not realistic. All of the photos we post are perfect as if our homes look that way all of the time. As you know, that’s far from the truth. Well, today’s post is going to show you the “other side” of the camera.


Many of you know that we recently re-did my office. I completely emptied out my office, repainted it and added a DIY table I found at a flea market. It looks fabulous and has been renamed to the “Project Room”. But there is one problem. what do I do with all of the stuff that was in my office? Things like printers, filing cabinets, receipts, office supplies, etc. Trust me, the list goes on and on and on.

B38EFD0A-E139-4169-B7B6-BF6F06576D32Since I refuse to put any of this stuff into the project room, a major organization project has been happening for days. No, make that, weeks. And I am still not done.

The first step was purging. I threw away piles of things I knew I didn’t need. Then I had to clean out drawers and closets that could be used to store a lot of my office stuff. Then I had to organize all of the things I was keeping.

14326B4B-F5AD-424D-8DC9-E3EA1B1EE16BFor example, here is what my table looked like for two weeks as I tried to decide where to put everything.

Then I organized all of my projects and put them in these great plastic containers from Wallmart (they cost less than a dollar each).


Then I labeled all of them by project name and put them on the shelves.

132A14C6-E8EF-4EF2-B437-8D695B120C4FI still have a big problem – what do I do with the leftover furniture, rug and hundred books that were in my office? I guess we will be hauling them up to the third floor.

Out of sight, out of mind, right?

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