IDEA OF THE WEEK // Solving the Purse Clutter Problem

I read recently that when the world around you faces uncertainty we all have a tendency to strive for a simple, clutter free life. Given the political climate in the US and all of the scary events happening overseas, I am definitely aiming for a simpler life. My recent renovations in our house have helped a lot as I have donated a ton of bags of clothing and a lot of furniture! It feels so good. But there is one thing that drives me crazy 24/7. And that is my purse.


So last weekend I came up with an idea to solve my “purse clutter problem”.


I was standing at my project table and happened to look up at my Rae Dunn desk set. I saw the words Write, Note and Hold. And then it hit me. Why not make bags (with words on them) to hold all of the clutter in my purse?

86C0A7D1-16AE-4565-8D6C-70BFA29BD251About a month ago I purchased these small burlap bags online from my favorite store, Save-on-crafts. They cost $3.00 each. No kidding.


So I dumped everything out of my purse (yes, this is a real photo). And started putting everything into piles to determine what categories I needed to get organized.

LIPS – lipstick, chapstick, floss and breath mints

EYES – eye drops, reading glasses and sunglasses

WRITE – pens, marker, highlighter and pencils

FACE – makeup, sunscreen

CB793BC9-2576-4AE9-8E1A-F679E1A0C496I still haven’t put away my Silhouette machine so I knew how to get the words on the names of the bags.

D024CA5E-3C4A-4D53-B1CB-565D7170A2B1I designed a stencil, printed on heat transfer paper and ironed on the words. And now my purse is so organized it’s scary!

3BE2EF0E-B5B4-4C06-B3F4-744FD0BBD056I made quite a few of these bags so head on over to my Instagram account @my100yearoldhome for a giveaway. I am giving away a set of these purse bags!



5 thoughts on “IDEA OF THE WEEK // Solving the Purse Clutter Problem

  1. Love this idea, the lettering and burlap bags are adorable! I subscribe to Ipsy, which sends you a small makeup pouch full of make-up/skincare types of goodies. I’ve used the bags to organize my toiletries and my big console in my SUV…and now I will do this for my purse! I switch purses often, so this will make it way easier!

    My daughter and I love your IG account! She’s only 11 and is always telling me “Mom, did you see ___ on the 100 year old home IG?” We love your home!!

  2. I CANNOT believe how clever and just plain ole “MOM COOL” these are! ???? I TOTALLY MESSED UP RHE GIVEAWAY AND PUT COTTON STEM WHERE I WAS SUPPOSE TO PUT THE MCODE???????????? I guess I will tag for friends to have a chance to win! Truly amazing mama!!

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