Spoil Yourself With Heirloom Roses

Heirloom roses are my absolute favorite. Grace Rose Farm heirloom roses are beyond gorgeous and their scent is heavenly!

While I frequently make floral arrangements for my home and entertaining, I had never arranged to have flowers delivered to my home, for me, just because. I guess I believed that flower delivery was only for special occasions, like birthdays or anniversaries. Let me tell you why my special occasion assumption was so wrong!

Make it Pretty

Heirloom Roses, Why They Are So Special

Heirloom roses are different from basic roses for several reasons.

First, heirloom roses have a gazillion more petals than basic roses. I have heard heirloom roses referred to as having double blooms because they have so many petals.

Next, the petals are almost ruffly at the edges and the centers of heirloom roses can be ombre in color which is absolutely beautiful.

Lastly, heirloom roses smell beyond amazing. Their rose scent lingers in the air, like perfume. Heirloom roses are also a little bit hard to find. Some florists carry them, but they are usually special orders.

David Austin Roses

David Austin roses are an English heirloom rose. They have been bred in England since 1961 and have many distinct characteristics. Their voluptuous old-style blooms look almost peony-like and their fragrance is, like other heirloom roses, simply incredible.

David Austin roses are bred by crossing old garden roses with more modern rose varieties to create a luscious bloom with a gorgeous fragrance. Pink is my favorite, but they come in a wide variety of colors.

David Austen roses create absolutely spectacular bouquets and the fragrance is spectacularly wonderful.

Grace Rose Farm Heirloom Roses

Lots of Roses for Mother's Day

I am so lucky to live in Southern California, nearby Grace Rose Farm. Gracie, of Grace Rose Farm, took me on a tour of the rose farm and I have been hooked on her roses ever since.

Grace Rose Farm grows heirloom roses and David Austin roses.

It is important to me that Grace Rose Farm is committed to ethically growing and harvesting over ninety varieties of heirloom garden roses. Gracie and Ryan Poulson, owners of Grace Rose Farm, have spent years nurturing their soil and rose plants with organic and sustainable methods.

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Roses Just Because

So why not have gorgeous heirloom roses delivered to me, for no reason other than that they make me happy and make our home smell wonderful?

We all do things that are a little bit indulgent, just because they make us happy. We may not need these things, but they make life better. Getting coffee with friends. A trip to the bookstore to find the latest great read. Dinner out with your best girlfriends. A trip to Target, TJMaxx, or HomeGoods. I don’t think I need to explain the last one, haha. Why not add delivery to yourself of heirloom roses? Once a month. Once a quarter. Just because.

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It literally had never occurred to me to order heirloom roses for delivery on a regular basis. Just because. No special occasion is necessary. Just because they make me happy.

Arranging Heirloom Roses

A couple of important notes about arranging heirloom roses. They have a TON of thorns! So a rose stripper is essential. Also, a good pair of garden gloves and sharp clippers.

For this arrangement, I used the Seraphina and Jody roses.

I start by stripping the thorns and leaves from all of the stems. Once the stems are stripped, I give the ends a fresh snip and pop them into the water so they can have a fresh drink before they get arranged.

Because heirloom blooms are so gorgeous on their own, I like to bunch them together to create a large bouquet. Nothing super fancy, just gorgeous blooms. I don’t add other flowers, although you certainly could. I love the look of a large bouquet of roses.

Next, I choose the vase I plan to use so that I can trim the stems to the proper length for the vase.

Once the stems are trimmed to the proper length for the vase they will be going into, I begin to make the bouquet by building it in my hand. For a single flower bouquet, I prefer to build the bouquet in my hand, it allows me to create a tight bouquet that when popped into the vase, keeps the roses close together.

Gracie’s Favorite Roses

Some of Gracie’s favorite roses are the Miranda, Seraphina, and Constance. Check out all of her favorites here.

So, why not treat yourself to some beautiful heirloom roses? Not only will they make your space look and smell gorgeous, but they’ll also remind you of how loved and special you are. So go ahead and order yourself some stunning blooms today – you deserve it!

And, there is a code for free shipping for orders over $99. Make sure that you add the code FREESHIP to your cart!

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Spoil Yourself With Heirloom Roses

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  1. This past year I treated myself to a flower subscription from our local florist. You choose the $$ you want to spend per month ie. $25, $50 etc. The second week of the month I would get a call that my bouquet was ready for pickup. They are unique and beautiful every time. I found myself checking the calendar and excitedly waiting and anticipating my ‘surprise’ package. Such a great thing to look forward to!! I think why didn’t I do this sooner! ?!💐

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