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Hosting a Magazine Photoshoot

Oh my gosh! What an incredible experience I just had at my home these past two days. I was one lucky girl as four magazines were at my home shooting for spring, summer and holiday issues for 2018!

Up first: Hosting a Magazine Photoshoot for Flea Market Decor Magazine

Onto the other photoshoots…

On Tuesday a fabulous crew from Flea Market Decor Magazine was here photographing our entire home for their holiday issue. I was so nervous getting ready for the shoot, which was really dumb because they were all so low key and nice! I had my house completely decorated for the holidays and I assumed they would make a lot of changes. But they hardly made any. (That made me feel great!)

They went from room to room and took a ton of photos. I managed to sneak a few peeks and the photos were unbelievable. Their photographer was simply amazing.

I was amazed at how they were able to photograph with very little light (as it got later in the day) and yet the photos were perfect as if they had been taken midday. They ended up including me in some of the photos (yikes!) and also interviewed me on video. Of course, that was the part I was nervous about.

On Wednesday, editors from three magazines, Cottages and Bungalows, Cottage White, and French Style filmed all day in our backyard. They were shooting garden scenes for spring and summer which was fine since it was in the seventies today. Of course, they were not only styling the tablescapes but also all of the food!

They set up and photographed about eight different vignettes. They were fabulous and all so creative. I was blown away and impressed all day long! For example, that cake right there? Store bought… just re-frosted. Brilliant!

I want to extend a very gracious thank you to Engaged Media Magazines and their fabulous editors for making my house look so wonderful these past two days. You are all a very fun group to work with!

Would I do this again? Absolutely. In a heartbeat.

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