Collecting Cranberry Glasses

About ten years ago I found a small set of cranberry glasses at an antique flea market. A few years later my mother-in-law gave me some of her mother’s cranberry glass. A few more pieces here and there and apparently I now have a collection of cranberry glass.

cranberry glass collection

But here’s the problem. Cranberry glass is the only thing I collect that I am afraid to use.

antique cranberry collection

Some of the glasses have a few small chips on the top rim which kind of makes them unusable. Another glass broke the first (and only) time I used it. Unfortunately, I am afraid they are just too fragile to use.

vintage cranberry glasses
Thank heavens they are so pretty to look at. Do you have any tips on how I can get over my fear of using this beautiful cranberry glass collection? 

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One thought on “Collecting Cranberry Glasses

  1. You can use a very fine Emory board (nail file)to smooth out chips in your candberry glass. If u are very careful you will not be able to see the chip. For large chips use corse files. Sand paper will work but very hard to be careful.

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