Styling the Vintage Painted Armoire Cabinet

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A few weeks ago I purchased an antique armoire. The price was fabulous and I loved the character.

You may remember that I painted the armoire a few weeks ago with Old Barn Milk Paint. You can find that DIY blog post here. I painted the cabinet in my friend’s warehouse because she had a truck and it was delivered to her warehouse.

Yesterday, the cabinet was delivered to my house.

I moved the dark dresser and replaced it with my new cabinet. Since the cabinet is right outside of my craft room, I think I will fill it with baskets of craft materials.

Once the cabinet was placed in our living room I knew it needed to be styled. So I started roaming around our home looking for items and I think I found some great stuff.

Something was missing so I started hunting around our house for greenery.

Technically cotton stems are not green, but they work well as “greenery”.

Can I just say how happy I am with this? I still can’t believe how different it looks after milk paint and a little styling. All I need to do now is find some handles and fill it with baskets of my craft supplies and projects.

What an amazingly inexpensive (under $100) addition to our living room!

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  1. You did a great job painting and styling! I have a somewhat similar cabinet that is shorter and wider and the doors are beadboard. I cannot wait to milk paint it!

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