Transitioning from Christmas to Winter Decor

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Did you know you can keep up some of your Christmas decor by just “transitioning” it to winter? Transitioning from Christmas to Winter Decor is such a fun idea and today I am going to show you how to do it.

winter decor

I am sitting here staring at the beautiful Christmas décor in our dining room and dreading the task of taking it all down. And then it suddenly occurred to me that I don’t need to take it all down. I just need to transition my décor from Christmas to Winter.

So what does that mean?

Christmas décor is fun and happy and cheerful. Any typically my winter décor is bland and not thought out well. In the past, I have taken down my Christmas décor and have been very unhappy with how barren my house looked. So I kind of ignored the boring look and did nothing.

This year that is going to change!

I have decided to use some of my Christmas décor and “transition”  it to winter. That should help my house look less bland. The transition can also be gradual. I may leave up a tree or two and then take them down after New Years Day. (I think it seems less overwhelming too!)

This is what my dining looked like during the Christmas holiday.

holiday dining room

Let me show you how easy it was to make the transition.

When I look at this room, it is pretty obvious that my Ho Ho Ho sign needs to be put away and the red needs to disappear. But what about the Christmas tree?

winter decor

I think the tree could actually look great in here so I think I am going to leave it up for another week.

Look at the Christmas decor in the nook in our dining room.

vintage christmas bulbs

Look at the minor changes I made to this area below. It doesn’t look like Christmas anymore. Even though there are vintage Christmas balls on the buffet.

winter decor 

Next, I removed the Ho Ho Ho sign and the red ribbons on the wreaths. I also changed out the flowers.

I went from this …

winter decor transition

To this.

winter decor

This is a much simpler and cleaner “January” look!

Remember this photo? 

holiday decor

This is how it looks now. 

Christmas decor transition

I am not sure how long I will be leaving the tree in this room. I see this transition as “gradual” so I have a while to decide.

I am so excited that I can slowly take down my holiday decor and enjoy my wreaths and some of our holiday decor for a few more weeks.

What do you think of this look?

Winter decor ideas

I think it is a great wintertime look. I still need to decide on my “accent” colors for the new year. I am considering green and blue. What do you think?

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winter decor

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  1. I like your winter decor a lot.
    Here in Belgium we always leave the christmastree and ornaments til after January 6, the arrival of the 3 wise men, the 3 kings, in Bethlehem.
    That day, we have a traditional cake witk an almond within. The one who’s got the almond is king or queen for one day. He/she becomes the crown that was in top of the cake. This day is the end of the christmas season.

  2. Everything looks great! I have always kept things out that were winter, not Christmas after the holidays. I decorate for all of the holidays and seasons.

  3. It looks beautiful, Leslie! Unfortunately, my Christmas tree had red ornaments all over it, so I took it down; however, I keep a small tree by my fireplace year-round and change out the ornaments with seasonal things. I love having a tree in our family room all year round. Your home is absolutely gorgeous and it is definitely a happy place to be!

  4. I love how this looks Leslie! I leave Christmas up until after Jan 6 and all of it gets put away. I’m ready for an update by then and don’t want to deal with Christmas storage bins more than once. I bring out touches for Valentine’s Day. Pops of red and cute throw pillows. Nothing tacky. Just some cheer to brighten things up before Spring. I decorate for all the seasons and it keeps things fresh and interesting for me. My porch too!

  5. What I always miss most is the soft glow of the lights from the tree. I put my tree up on the last Sunday of Advent and leave it up until Epiphany so I’ve still got time to enjoy it and think of some places I can tuck some little lights after that.

  6. We always leave our tree and Christmas decor up until New Years Day. Then everything starts coming down as time allows. I like to keep up some winter decor through January. Here in Wisconsin snowmen, sleds, snowflakes, etc. are still appropriate. But by the end of January I am totally sick of winter and I pack that stuff away and bring out a few things for Valentine’s Day.

  7. Beautiful transition from Christmas to Winter Leslie. Love it! I too leave Christmas up till after January 6th. And, I agree with the ladies that your home is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for ALL of your tips. 🙂

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