This Week at My 100 Year Old Home – Fall Decorating


October is Here. I love the Fall Decorating ideas and Recipes I shared this week at my 100 year old home.

Fall in the Living Room

I am not sure where September went but now that it’s October I think we are officially into the Fall season and fall decorating.

And that is a good thing since there is fall decor everywhere in my home!

Although, you don’t want to hear this …

Next week I will be setting up a room with Christmas decor. It’s true!

I  am working with one of my favorite brands and believe it or not, holiday prep is starting. You won’t see the post for a while and I don’t think the Christmas decor will stay up at our home. But can I tell you how excited I am for the Christmas holidays? I  have over twenty projects I want to share and I have decided I need to finish two a week (starting next week) if I want to have them finished in time. Most of them are DIY ideas that I have been imagining for months. I  am so excited to get started.

Ok, back to fall decorating.

On the Blog This Week

It was a great week at My 100 Year Old Home. I love all of the fall decorating, fall colors and I have been baking a lot and creating new recipes. Looking back makes me happy to see it was a productive week!

This Week at My 100 Year Old Home

If you asked me which one of these posts I think you should read first, it is definitely Five Tips to Create your Own Recipes. Why? 


This method has completely changed how I cook. It has freed me from being afraid to stray from a recipe and has allowed me the freedom to make my own recipes. Even if you aren’t an experienced cook, you should read this blog post! I think you will be surprised how easy it is, with the right tools, to create your own recipes.

My New Amazon Store

Fall Decor in the Living Room

Every time I write a new blog post I get a lot of messages and emails asking about where I bought a lot of the items in my post. For a while, I have really wanted to be able to provide the information in advance, so I set up an Amazon Store. My store has all of my favorite items in lots of different categories.  They are most of the items you see in my blog posts and I own at least half of them.

If you look at the photo above, I bought all of the fall greenery on Amazon.

Why did I choose Amazon? 

I think most people are comfortable shopping on Amazon as they offer great prices, service, and delivery. Amazon invited me to set up a store and if you use my link I make a tiny commission on everything you buy (not just things in my store). This commission allows me to spend a lot of time every week creating decor, recipes,  crafts, and entertaining. It is part of my “salary”.

I want to thank you in advance for using my Amazon link to shop in my store and anywhere else on their site. It helps me so much! And it doesn’t cost you a thing.

Click to Shop Fall Decor

What’s Coming on My Blog Next Week?

I have a lot of fun things to share next week. 

I can’t wait to share my new favorite appliance from KitchenAid. Also, I have a DIY for some colored glasses to share. You are definitely going to want to make these. They are gorgeous.

I am going to style a new fall centerpiece using,  you guessed it, flowers from the grocery store. 

I am also sharing some organization tips for a craft room. With the holidays approaching, it is important to get organized now vs. later.

I look forward to sharing all of this and more fall decorating ideas with you this coming week.

Thank you so much for being here.

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  1. I ordered the pomegranate stems from JD on Amazon you suggested. I received them last week. Took awhile but I laughed thinking, everyone must have taken your advice & ordered them. But you were right. The stems are gorgeous. Thanks for always suggesting the best😊

  2. I love the colors you use in your bouquets. My home is antique and French but those colors are perfect . Stunning thank you.i am not an orange kind of person your colors are like wow! Can’t wait to see Christmas.

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