How to Organize Your Christmas Decorations with The Container Store

I learned so much while organizing our Christmas Decorations. Thank you to my favorite organizing store, The Container Store.

christmas decorations in the dining room

Two years ago I broke my foot a few days before Christmas. My family was kind enough to pack up everything after Christmas and put away all of our Christmas decorations on the third floor. Sadly, it hadn’t been reorganized since. 

Until now.

I wasn’t about to decorate our home this year with my Christmas decorations stored in a gazillion boxes. I also desperately need more space and it was time to consolidate and toss. So I decided to organize everything now (as in before I decorate). So where did I turn? I went to my favorite organizing store, The Container Store.

I partnered with The Container Store on this project but please know all words, reviews, and opinions are mine.

vintage christmas bulbs

The Container Store has everything you need to securely store your holiday décor and help you maximize space. From ornaments and trees to greenery to wreaths, The Container Store has a solution for all of your holiday storage. 

When I organize, I am an empty-it-all-out-first type of organizer. So we moved all of the Christmas boxes down to the Carriage House and into the back driveway.

This is what I found. Pretty scary, huh?

I spent half a day moving everything outside on the driveway in the backyard. And I soon started a trash pile which kept getting larger and larger and larger.

organizing the carriage house

Next, I unpacked my items from The Container Store.

the container store

As you can see, I ordered quite a bit of organizing items for my Christmas Decorations. Here is a list of everything I ordered.

Ribbon Wired Red w/White Poms
Bulk Satin Ribbon Green
Bulk Satin Ribbon Red
Holiday Essentials Assorted 8yd Ribbons Red/Lime Pkg/3
Ribbon Double Satin Red
Ribbon Wired Crinkle Shimmer Red
Holiday Essentials Assorted 8yd Ribbons Red/Green/Plaid Pkg/3
ed 8yd Ribbons Green/Red Metallic Pkg/3
Ribbon Cotton Striped Red
Holiday Essentials Assorted 8yd Ribbons Red/White Pkg/3
Ribbon Satin Scarlet
Ribbon Woven Metallic Chevron Red/White
Grosgrain Ribbon Red
Grosgrain Ribbon White
Wreath Storage Bag Green
Install N Store Light/Garland Red
60 qt. Latching Underbed Wrap Storag Red/Clear
Farmhouse Tree Storage Bag Red
12 gal. Flip Lid Light Storage Red/Clear
Wreath Storage Bag Green
Medium Farmhouse Open Bin Red
12 Gal Ornament Storage 60 ct Red/Clear
Farmhouse Square Storage Bag Red
2-Tray Ornament Storage Case w/Side Pockets Red
Tree Storage Box Clear w/Red Lid
Wreath Storage Bag Green
Farmhouse Holiday Storage Box Red
60 qt. Latching Underbed Wrap Storag Red/Clear
Wrap Polka Dot Santa Hat Green
Wrap Whimsical Trees Pink/Aqua
Assorted Wrap Pack Snowman/Candy Cane Red/Green/White
Wrap Plaid Check Red
Wrap Solid Red
Wrap Merry Christmas Trees Red/Green
Wrap Manhattan Santa White
Assorted Wrap Pack Cabin/Trees/Snow Grey/Green/Silver Pkg/3
Wrap Green Dots on Red
Wrap Glossy White
Assorted Wrap Pack Faces/Stripes Red/Blue
Peppermint Stripes Wrap
Glitter Snowflakes on Red Wrap
Assorted Wrap Pack Stripe Words/Trees Red/Green/White Pkg/3
Assorted Wrap Pack Nordic Star/Scene/ Res/Green/White Pkg/3
Pepperminty Prismatic Wrap
Wrap Nordic Stripes Red
Cross Stitch Snowflakes Wrap

christmas decorations in the family room

Some of My Favorite The Container Store items

Christmas Storage Box

I love the red and white Christmas Storage box. These boxes hold everything. I used them for greenery and ornaments.

storage solutions for christmas decorations

Jumbo Storage Wrap

This bag is perfect for storing smaller boxed items. I used this bag for our gift wrapping and paper storage. What a difference!

storage bags for Christmas decorations

These wreath bags are the best way to store newly made wreaths!

wreath storage bags

Before and After

Christmas tree lights


Our Christmas lights had been wound up and put away in a ball but they really were a mess.

  christmas lights storage


I used these 4 Pack Red Cord Wraps to wind each light string.

organizing christmas lights

Look at how organized my lights are!

organized christmas lights

House Lights


All of the outdoor lights were in a bin but they were all mixed up.

christmas lights


These Install N Store Light/Garland Red containers are perfect for outdoor lights!

christmas lights organization

Frosted Trees


Have you ever noticed that the minute you take a flocked tree out of the box it will never fit back into the box, no matter hard you try?

storing christmas trees


These Farmhouse Tree Storage Bag Red bags are simply amazing. I love them!

the container store christmas bags

Wrapping Paper

I did want to mention that The Container Store has the best selection of quality wrapping paper. I absolutely love it.


My wrapping paper is all over the house. I can’t even begin to find it!

organizing christmas wrapping paper


This Red Jumbo Farmhouse Storage Bag is the best! I filled it with wrapping paper but you could also use it for greens, wreaths, and signs.

christmas wrapping paper  

Ribbon and Ornaments


Believe it or not, this box contained all of my Christmas wrapping ribbons and a ton of ornaments.

organization issues

These 12 gal. Flip Lid Light Storage Red/Clear containers can hold every type of Christmas decorations.

organizing christmas ribbon

I organized all of my Christmas decor by category: ornaments, greens, signs, lights, trees, metallic, pillows, blankets, fabrics, and more.


organizing christmas greens


organizing christmas signs

When I was done organizing I closed everything up and placed it in the Carriage House. Look how great this looks. And I promise it’s less than half of my newly organized decor.

christmas decorations storage

A week later I brought everything inside and started decorating our home. It was such a dream decorating the house this year. All the boxes are labeled by room and item. I even found some ornaments I haven’t seen in years.

christmas decorations organization

Thank you The Container Store!

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  1. Like you Leslie, I broke my foot few years back and our attic is a nightmare. I have condensed my Xmas decor to, Snowman theme one year and this year is Santas! So now to Container store to get some of those specialty striped boxes!

  2. Wow, I really like the fact that a lot of the storage containers are bags! I really like the wreath bags; the fact that they have so many containers that fit rolled gift wrap is great too!
    I find myself not decorating a whole lot because I don’t want to drap a whole ton of stuff out and make a big mess. Getting organized would really help! Thanks

  3. I love this! Isn’t it wonderful to have everything exactly where you want it? And can FIND it? I’ve gotten a few (“few” by my definition) new holiday decorating items in the last year, so I may have to go to the Container Store myself! Thanks for ever more inspiration! 💗

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