The Best Instagram Tips to Help You Grow

The last three years have been a wonderful journey on Instagram. Today I am sharing some of my tips on how to help you grow your Instagram.

Instagram Tips


I guess you could say I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. Most days I love Instagram. I love that it provides me with a place to share what I love to do. I love that it provides a platform where I can earn a great living, I also love that it has introduced me to so many amazing people. Instagram has given me so many new opportunities and enabled me to have the best job in the world.

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Are You Losing Instagram Followers? // The Biz of Blogging

Welcome to one of my blogging series, The Biz of Blogging.

Lately, I have noticed a trend on the Instagram message boards. Many people are commenting about losing followers and how they aren’t growing their Instagram as fast as they expected. At first, I thought it couldn’t be true. But I did a little research and I was really surprised by what I found.

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Are Giveaways a Good Thing? // The Biz of Blogging

In previous posts in my Biz of Blogging series, I have discussed many different ways you can grow your Instagram account. I have mentioned posting more frequently, knowing your audience, participating in share groups, engaging your audience and participating in giveaways. Today I am going to share my thoughts on the pros and cons of participating in giveaways to build your Instagram following.

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How I Started my Instagram // The Biz of Blogging // Part One

The Biz of Blogging 

This is part one of a series in which I am sharing my story as a blogger. Last week I wrote a blog post titled “Can We Talk About the Elephant in the Room?“. The post was about why I collaborate with brands. So many of you commented on the post and asked about how I started working with brands. Then a lot of questions came up about how I got started on Instagram and blogging and a lot of you asked how I grew my account. This got me to thinking that maybe it is time I shared my journey and everything I have learned creating My 100 Year Old Home. So I have started a series for my blog called The Biz of Blogging. And this is the first post.

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Can We Talk About the Elephant in the Room?

This past year has been a whirlwind. When I started my Instagram account fifteen months ago, I assumed it would be a fun hobby. But thanks to all of you, I now quietly tell people I am a blogger. As in a full-time blogger.

I don’t tell people I am an “influencer” because I don’t like that title. I am not on Instagram to influence people. Rather, I am here to share the things I love!

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