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Why is Decorating For Christmas so Hard?

Apparently, I am a perfectionist. Or just really bad at decorating my house for Christmas. Why is Decorating For Christmas so Hard?

Either way, this weekend did not go well. Just so you know, this is the first time I have decorated my house in a big way for Christmas. In previous years we have purchased a fresh tree, added fresh wreaths in almost every window and a garland on the banister. I used to own only one box of Christmas decor so it was easy to decorate the tree, put up a few Santas, hang the stockings and that was it. Our house was decorated in a few hours.

Fast forward one year. I have been decorating all weekend and nothing is done. And that’s because I keep decorating and re-decorating and re-decorating. What the heck is happening?

Maybe I am indecisive. Perhaps I am too freaked out that is has to be perfect. Could it be that I am intimidated? All I know is that it isn’t working. Even my girlfriends came over and tried to help tonight. If anything they proved that it’s just not me! This is really hard.

So I will be back at it tomorrow. And probably the next day. And the next. And even though it is hard, I am enjoying it. I can’t say I am having fun yet but I will get to that point. I am sure of that.

Ok, that was a lie.

I should probably mention I have a magazine shoot here on December 5th so that might be adding to my stress.

But I thought it would be important to share with you a few things that I have learned about why decorating for Christmas is so hard.

  1. Put all of your decor in one room and then bring in a piece at a time. If you have decor everywhere then your brain can’t be creative.
  2. Don’t force it. I really wanted to use red in my home and it just didn’t work in the living room, entry or dining room. After spending an entire day of trying to make it work, I took it all out. That made me happier.
  3. If it is 94 degrees outside while you are decorating for Christmas it will be hot. And even Christmas music in the background doesn’t help.
  4. Don’t over think things. Figure out where your trees go first and then bring in the little stuff.
  5. Remember you can return things that you don’t use. I am going to be returning a lot.
  6. Don’t rush it. You will get it right eventually. It just might take longer than you think.

All of the photos here are works in progress. Some of them have already been redone completely. When I post photos later this week I am pretty sure everything will look very different. But any input would be greatly appreciated.

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6 Responses

  1. Totally agree with everything you said!
    I am an indecisive perfectionist too! (Finally a diagnosis). My favourite saying is, “it has to be just SO”. Drives everyone crazy, so they just know to leave me to do it on my own. (Thank goodness????)
    I’ve managed to get most of my Christmas decor up earlier than I’ve ever done in the past in hopes that I may actually be able to enjoy the season…we’ll see how that goes.
    You have great style and I’m sure it will look amazing when you pull it all together!
    Something that I always remind myself of: there is no right and wrong when it comes to creativity. Eventually the “puzzle pieces” will come together and it will be just “SO” for you.

  2. If the magazine asked to do a shoot at your house, then they like your style! Simply do what feels right to you, add lots of fun lights, n bake some fresh bread or pie or cookies, n you should be “good to go”!!
    Good luck-you got this!

  3. I started decorating this weekend, one armed because of shoulder replacement surgery. Everything is happening in slow motion and that is teaching me a lot. I can do most of it, but like you said, it is one piece at a time. I am spreading it out over the month, so it keeps growing, but then, I don’t have a magazine photo shoot. “Baby Steps” is my current mantra! Painting left handed has been a challenge though, and pulling up my trousers….Go Figure!

  4. Amen!!! I have been sitting an looking at the decorations and I will go add something and then take it away and do something else. Or look at the tree and think it needs something else. Never-ending, finally told my family don’t mind me I am just fluffing 🙂

  5. I think part of the reason it has been difficult is because you have completely changed your style and now your home has a different feel. I know when I changed my homes decor last year to a farmhouse style with woods, whites and grays, none of my Christmas decor felt right. I used to overload my home on Christmas decor ( at least 20 bins full) – no space escaped my holiday decorating madness! I now have a much simpler Christmas look and rely mostly on fresh and faux greens and neutral colored decor to achieve a look I am happy with. It takes time adjusting to a new style, but your home looks amazing with all that you have done – you have a fantastic eye and a great style – so I am positive your home will look delightful for Christmas.

  6. You sound stressed about your photo shoot. You have a lovely home. Decorate with what brings you joy and enjoy the!

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