My Obsession with Abstract Wall Art

Abstract wall art, with its enigmatic allure and boundless interpretations, has long captivated the hearts of many, including myself.

As someone who has ventured deep into the realm of abstract painting, creating expansive canvases as large as 12′ x 12′ and undertaking ambitious projects like painting thirty paintings in 30 days inspired by the eclectic outfits of Project Runway, I’ve developed a profound appreciation for this art form.

Our Waco home with one of my abstract paintings.
Make it Pretty

Discovering the Love for Abstract Wall Art

Today I am excited to share the reasons behind my love for abstract art, how it complements any decor style, and why you should consider it a vibrant alternative for adorning your walls.

One of my paintings for the beach house back when the decor was aqua!

The Appeal of Abstract Wall Art

This 48′ x 48″ painting hung in our family room for years.

Abstract art is a universe of its own, free from the constraints of realistic representation. It speaks in the language of colors, shapes, and textures, offering a canvas for personal interpretation and emotional resonance.

My journey into abstract painting started with a big canvas, a palette knife, and lots of paint. Painting abstracts allowed me to explore the depths of my creativity, pushing boundaries and challenging perceptions.

Each piece I created was a reflection of an intangible emotion or idea, translated into a visual form that invites viewers to dive into their interpretations.

A Project of Passion: Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days

One of my most cherished projects was inspired by the dynamic designs featured on Project Runway. Tasked with creating thirty paintings in thirty days, I embarked on a creative whirlwind, channeling the show’s innovative spirit into my abstract creations.

Each piece was a dialogue between the visual aesthetics of fashion and the expressive freedom of painting, culminating in a collection that was as diverse as it was cohesive. This project underscored the versatility of abstract art, demonstrating its capacity to draw inspiration from various sources and translate it into something uniquely impactful.

Complementing Any Decor Style

Another 48″ x 48″ painting

Abstract art’s true beauty lies in its versatility. Regardless of your home’s decor style—be it minimalist, bohemian, modern, or traditional—there’s an abstract piece that can seamlessly integrate into your space.

The key is in the selection of colors, scales, and compositions that resonate with your existing aesthetic.

A large, bold abstract painting can serve as a statement piece in a minimalist room, adding a splash of color and intrigue. Conversely, a series of smaller, subtler abstract works can add depth and complexity to a more eclectic space.

The adaptability of abstract art makes it an invaluable tool in interior design, capable of elevating any room with its presence.

The Accessibility of Abstract Art

My painting shown in a living room.

One of the most exciting developments in recent years is the accessibility of affordable abstract art.

Platforms like Amazon have democratized art ownership, offering a plethora of options for every budget. You no longer need to invest in a high-priced original to enjoy the transformative power of abstract art in your home.

Inexpensive prints and reproductions can still provide the aesthetic and emotional impact that art lovers seek. These affordable pieces make it possible for anyone to curate their personal art collection, transforming their walls into a gallery of abstract wonder.

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Encouraging Others to Embrace Abstract Art

This was a fun departure from my usual paintings. I loved this!

For those new to the world of abstract art, the prospect of selecting and incorporating these pieces into your home can be daunting. However, I encourage you to view it as an adventure in personal expression and aesthetic exploration.

Start small, perhaps with a single abstract print that speaks to you, and observe how it changes the feel of your space. Consider the emotions and thoughts it evokes in you and your guests. As you become more comfortable, you may find yourself drawn to larger, more daring pieces, further personalizing your living environment.

A Canvas for Personal Expression

I loved creating paintings with lots of color.

Abstract art is more than just decoration; it’s a medium for personal expression and emotional exploration. As an artist, the act of painting abstractly was a deeply personal journey, allowing me to convey feelings and ideas that words could not capture.

For viewers and collectors, abstract art offers a mirror to their inner selves, inviting introspection and emotional connection. This dual capacity for expression and reflection makes abstract art a profoundly impactful addition to any space.

So What Do You Think?

A bedroom makeover from two queens to a king and how to make the room well suited for guests.
This painting was more neutral than most of the ones I painted.

My love for abstract art is rooted in its boundless possibilities, its ability to complement any decor style, and its newfound accessibility. From the ambitious project of creating thirty paintings in thirty days inspired by Project Runway to the simple joy of finding an abstract piece that perfectly completes a room, my journey with abstract art has been one of constant discovery and delight.

I encourage you, whether you’re a seasoned art collector or someone looking to refresh your home decor, to explore the vibrant world of abstract art. Let it surprise you, challenge you, and ultimately, transform your space in ways you never imagined.

Embrace abstract art as a new alternative for your walls, and embark on your own journey of aesthetic exploration and personal expression.

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My Obsession with Abstract Wall Art

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  1. Good morning Leslie,
    You are so talented!! I love your personality!
    You are so down to earth and fun😊
    I look forward to reading your posts everyday. Your art is beautiful.
    Thank you for all you do.

  2. Well I guess I now know what to fill up my empty master bedroom walls with, teal abstract paintings and big ones! Won’t be done in 30 days though. Leslie, your abstracts reflect your heart & soul, beauty all around🩵

  3. I would love to watch you do an abstract painting. I am a bit of an artist and have tried many mediums and styles, but don’t know where to start with abstract. I love the ones you have shown us.

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