Why a Neutral Palette Makes Decorating So Simple

06dddb49-30c6-4fef-9aac-e949983dbcb8Before I started transforming the decor in my home to a farmhouse style, I had a lot of color in my house. My living room was tan with highlights of aqua and my family room was gray, dark red and green. Our master bedroom was themed in yellow with orange highlights. Oh heavens, now that I am writing this I realize how awful it sounds! What was I thinking?

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Yesterday I was lucky enough to participate in the #cottonstemheartshome feature with my favorite Instagram friend Erin @cottonstem. Erin was kind enough to feature a photo of the exterior of my home and so many of you left very nice comments.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 9.21.36 AM.png

I decided to feature an Instagram Story featuring the front of my house and all of the things you couldn’t see. Things like chipped paint, dead plants, missing shutter parts and lots more. I was trying to encourage all of you to share photos of your home even when it isn’t perfect. Because seldom is anything perfect! I thought it might be fun to share those here too!

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