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There is something about old school lockers that I love. Technically I don’t collect them. I only have three sets of them and I think to collect something you must have, say, five or more. So I just like them. I don’t collect them.

We actually have four sets of lockers in our house. When we did the big remodel in 2000, I wanted a set of lockers for the boys for all of their “stuff” that typically sat in our entryway. This included backpacks, sports equipment, and shoes. Tons of shoes. So we had these lockers built in the mud room. (And their names are cut out for ventilation. Which was a very good idea… boys!)

built in lockers.JPG

Since then I have purchased three small sets of lockers. Two of them (the blue and the red ones) are in the boys’ rooms. The gray ones I bought a few months ago are in our family room.

blue lockers.JPG

I have no idea what the boys have stored in their lockers. Actually, that’s not true. Currently, there are baseball cards, Pokemon cards, books and a lot of junk in the lockers. There is, however, one locked locker. And I have no idea what is stored in there. Hmmm. Should I be concerned?

red lockers.JPG

The lockers in the family room are just cool. I love them and I love the color. And there is no locker with a lock on it. But I am tempted to stick a lock on one of the lockers just to get my boys attention.


What would you store in your locked locker? A diary? A good bottle of wine? Old love letters?

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  1. I have a set of lockers Thais 4 doors across and 6ft tall. It is orange in color. I’m thinking about painting it white. If I put it in my office I will use it for office supplies. If I put it in my basement I will use it to store all my craft supplies

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