AROUND THE HOUSE // Collecting Silver Pitchers

I know you will be surprised to learn there is another item that I collect. I was looking for a silver wine holder in our butler’s pantry last night and I happened to glance in the back of the cupboard. Imagine my surprise when I spotted my silver water pitcher collection!

In truth, they are silver plated pitchers, not sterling silver. Most of them were restaurant or hotel water pitchers from the 1040’s (and on), and they are very inexpensive. I purchased all of these at antique flea markets. I paid between $5 and $20 but they probably averaged about $12. Aren’t they gorgeous? And very inexpensive!

I use all of the items I collect and I have used these to hold water and ice. I have also used them as vases. They are beautiful with flowers!

I also love that they are all different.

They do need polishing every few years but I promise you it’s well worth it!

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