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This week I have teamed up with my dear friend Karianne at Thistlewood Farms and we are sharing our favorite summer entertaining ideas. Today I am sharing how to entertain on your back porch.

Back Porch Entertaining Ideas Table Setting

I love to entertain on our back porch. It’s private, the perfect temperature, and everyone has a gorgeous view of the back yard. I set up this fun table arrangement for a small party for our family and I love it so much.

Entertaining on the Back Porch

Back Porch Dining with Friend

Summer is such a fun time to entertain. I love the warm evenings and the sweet smell of my flower gardens in the backyard. I love the sounds of the birds in our trees and children playing in the backyards nearby. Summer evenings are wonderful in Southern California and one of my favorite places to entertain.

Thistlewood Farms

This week I have teamed up with my favorite blogger in the whole world, KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms. We have been friends for a few years now and if you don’t know KariAnne then you must hop over to Thistlewood Farms and get to know her now. She is talented, funny, inspiring and the most positive person I know.

This week Karianne and I are sharing four days of Summer entertaining ideas. Today we are entertaining on our porches.

Here is KariAnne’s gorgeous photo from her blog post!

Do you see that amazing view? KariAnne is vacationing at the beach and I just love this! Her blog post today is titled Back Porch Entertaining at the Beach. You have to see this porch. It is gorgeous.

back porch entertaining 16

When you don’t have an ocean view in your backyard, then a pool view will have to do! Plus, my garden looks awesome this week so I think our covered porch is the perfect location for this dinner party.

The Dining Table on the Back Porch

Back Porch Dinner entertaining

Now that we are truly enjoying summer days, I thought it might be fun to go with a green and copper theme on my table. Our covered porch is the perfect place for this dinner.

This dining table and chairs are from Arhaus. The table easily fits eight but this time it is set for six.

How to Set a Summer Dinner Party Table

  • one – I rummaged through our butler’s pantry and decided on my casual Water Hyacinth Placemats. They are very inexpensive and I love how they look with my Hammered Copper Chargers.
  • two – The green plates are Royal Staffordshire Avondale. Aren’t they the best? I found them at a flea market and I am always looking for more to add to my collection. I own seven and need to find at least one more!
  • three – I added a few more casual copper items. I have an old copper pot that looks great on the table. I also added a copper platter and a Rose Gold Lantern.
Back Porch View Entertaining Ideas

Next, I added my Polka Dot Glassware, wine glasses, green Linen/Cotton Napkins, and an assortment of silver and silverplate flatware. There is something about a copper and green color palette that I absolutely love!

Arranging Flowers

I have a new copper tub that my husband gave me for my birthday. It’s wonderful and I thought it would be the perfect container for my centerpiece.

I wanted to do an arrangement like a spring meadow. I went to the flower mart and found all of these flowers. I spent a total of about $40 for the flowers and thought it would be fun to make them really tall!

Spring Meadow Centerpiece

I filled the copper tub with oasis (flower foam)and started filling it with tall flowers. I added them using three different heights and made sure to work from both sides.

Arranging Flowers on the Back Porch

Next, I added the gerbera daisies, iris, and dahlias at the base of the arrangement. Don’t they look fun?

Back Porch Entertaining Ideas

In case you are wondering how my guests will be able to see over the flower arrangement, I intend to move the arrangement during dinner. The flowers will sit across the table (near the house) while we are eating which is perfect.

Of course the flowers will stay on the table for the rest of the week as they look amazing!

Back Porch Entertaining Ideas

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I love how an unusual flower arrangement can make a table look incredible. The secret to making this arrangement is using floral foam. When you place the flowers in the foam it holds them perfectly upright and they look fabulous! Plus, they stay that way for a very long time.

Back Porch Dining

Here is a view of the table from the lawn looking at out back porch. Isn’t this a great spot for a summer dinner?

Back Porch Entertaining Ideas

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  1. Leslie, I am loving your blog and everything is always beautiful! I especially like that you show the products you use so we can find them too. Keep up the great work!

    thank you,

    1. Thank you, Tammy! I love adding copper to everything! I feel like it really makes the tablescape or even a room!

  2. So absolutely gorgeous! I love the meadow arrangement – I really need to make friends with floral foam! I’ve already made friends with copper, and I’m in love!! Thanks for the great tips as always, and enjoy those lovely evenings!

  3. Leslie,
    As always, I love this post. I’m sharing some outdoor entertaining inspiration on Sunday’s, Dirt Road Adventures and I’d like to share a link to this post. Thanks for all your creative ideas.

  4. I absolutely love the copper accents and color combinations! You have a great ‘eye’ for putting things together in a unique, lovely way!
    Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. There are two different places in your post with a link for the copper pot used for the centerpiece. However, both links go to the placements. Do you have a link to the copper pot that you can share? Thanks.

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