Slipcovers or Upholstery?

When it comes to having chairs and sofas redone, there are usually two choices, slipcover or reupholster.

Either will give you a lovely end result – a new outside garment for a piece of solid furniture. But how do you decide between slipcover or upholster? It’s important to consider use, the condition of the furniture piece and cost.

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I love the look of Liz Marie Galvin’s slipcovers 

Here are some questions to consider:

  • How is the piece of furniture used?
  • Is it likely to get dirty and will you want to be able to throw the slipcover in the laundry?
  • Is there a lot of wood on the piece that might make a slipcover not practical? Also, is the piece of furniture worth saving?

If it is well built and sturdy then you will probably want to invest the money and pay to have your piece reupholstered or slipcovered. If the furniture is well made and quality workmanship, then do it. If the furniture is cheap and flimsy, don’t bother. I think second-hand or vintage furniture is usually well made and better constructed than what most of us are buying today. Unfortunately to buy quality, new furniture today is very expensive.

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I love the look of Liz Marie Galvin’s slipcovers 

I just sent my furniture out to be slipcovered. I found it interesting that the labor was much cheaper for slipcovers. For example, it cost me $300 to have a slipcover made whereas it was $400 to have the same chair upholstered. It cost $300 more to have my sofa upholstered than to have a slipcover made.

The fabric yardage amount and cost was the same for a slipcover or upholstery. I chose slipcovers because they are more practical to wash (especially since I chose white fabric) and I just like the look of slipcover versus upholstery.

Which do you prefer?

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