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Saturday home series

It’s still February and I am trying to find comfort in our home. I am following the guidelines of the Danish word Hygge which is pronounced “who-gah”. I know, it’s pronounced nothing like it looks.

Last week a few of you thought I needed to grasp more of the overreaching concept that hygge is more of a lifestyle than just comfort and simplicity. I couldn’t agree more and I am trying my best. Sadly, by nature, my life is a bit complex. I do have a tendency to pack a bit too much in my days. So I am working on simplifying things and getting organized. All of my ideas don’t involve buying anything new. Instead, I am using things around the home that I already own to add hygge whenever and wherever I can

Earlier this week I shared a post about Finding Comfort in Your Home. There were a few changes I made to our home to make it more comfortable and I shared a lot of things you can do to add comfort throughout your home. Things like pillows, blankets and throws and good lighting.

finding comfort in your home with blankets

You can read more about this blog post which is titled Finding Comfort in Your Home.

finding comfort in your home blankets

As you can tell, everyone is comfortable in our home. Even Sport.

Happy Happy Nester

My friend Janine with Happy Happy Nester wrote a post about how to Add Hygge To Your Home with Candles. It is an easy way to warm up your home throughout the year. and embrace the cozy Danish concept of Hygge. Janine combined all of her mercury glass candles to add that additional sparkle to the room. Isn’t her photo amazing?

hygge with candles 5

Hallstrom Home

Rhonda from Hallstrom Home wrote a blog post about Hygge Home Office Design. Her post has lots of tips about how to create a cozy and comforting hygge space in your office. You are going to want to check out her new office. It is amazing!


Modern Glam

Ashley from Modern Galm shared a post titled “What is Hygge?“. Ashley suggests 10 ways you can add more hygge to your life right now! Click on the link to learn more.


Whether you are buried in snow or sitting on the beach this month, there are a lot of great ideas in these blog posts about how you can add comfort and coziness to your home. February is the perfect month to take a few minutes and incorporate some of these wonderful ideas into your home. Keep it simple but make it comfortable. That’s what it is all about.

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  1. Please don’t feel the need to publish this unless you want to punish me! I love those no-knit throws but was totally appalled at how much it would cost to make one…good grief! Makes me think I am not a person to read your inspirations. Maybe when the yarn has been around for awhile the price will come down…I can hope
    Thank you for the “hy-gee” lesson; I will always remember the “say it 10 times” thing. Hy gee reminds me of the grocery store Hy-Vee which reminds me of you and HOOOGAH! Still don’t quite believe the concept though; I do totally believe in fung shway (I think it is actually spelled Feng something….where you have good energy in a room by not blocking pathways…
    Finally, I want to say I have totally enjoyed a ton of your projects, keep up the good work/play.

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