Flower Pillow DIY

I love to make a pillow for every season and holiday and there is nothing better than a flower pillow. You can use it year-round!

Pillow covers are the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way to add color and personality to any room. When you make this flower pillow yourself, it can be exactly the colors you want! Ready to learn how to make this fun pillow?

Flower Pillow DIY

I have so many pillows in this color palette and I can always use another flower pillow in pinks and oranges. I can now outfit a couch (or sectional) with lots of pink and orange pillows!

You will see this DIY is very easy to do.

But it is made not how you think!

Flower Pillow DIY

How to Make a Flower Pillow DIY

In case you are thinking this is a Paint and Stitch pillow (aka free motion embroidery) … it is not!

It is a paint and stamp pillow!

Flower Pillow DIY.

I used an Iron Orchid Design Chrysanthemum stamp which made the process so easy! I absolutely love how this turned out and it looks amazing in our family room.

If you look at these two photos, you can see how I made this flower pillow. Can you believe the difference between the two photos?

Iron Orchid Designs

I love Iron Orchid Designs. You all know how much I love to craft and I am always looking for new ideas that look amazing and are not hard to do. Iron Orchid Designs has the most incredible products for crafts and DIYs. Their designs are so creative, they are a company of wonderful people, and their products will easily help you to discover amazing new DIYs and crafts.

If you go to the IOD website you will find “DIY tools and tutorials to inspire your creative soul”. They have decor mouldsdecor stamps, and decor transfers to make fabulous items for your home. Today I get to share how I made used their decor stamps to decorate my homemade pillow.

Where can you buy Iron Orchid Designs products? Just click here to find a retailer near you! (You can also order online from some of the retailers.)

I used the IOD Decor Chrysanthemum Stamp.

How to Make a Chrysanthemum Flower Pillow

How to Make a flower Pillow
Here is what you need to make this pillow.

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Adding Paint to the Stamps
  • Iron the pillow cover and lay out the stamps to decide on a design for your pillow.
  • In order to make the painting step very simple, choose a light color of paint and roll paint on the stamp with the brayer.
  • Stamp the design on your pillow. This will help you paint your design.
  • As soon as you are done with the stamps, place them in warm soap and clean off the paint. They are very easy to clean if you do this before they dry completely.
How to Make a Flower Pillow DIY.
  • This is what my pillow looked like after I stamped it but before I stamped on the leaves.
  • You are now ready to paint the pillow.
How to Make a Flower Pillow DIY with Paint
  • Mix your paints. I didn’t want to paint my flowers all one color so I mixed three different “pinks/oranges” for the flowers. I also used a bright warm yellow for the stamen and two shades of green for the leaves.
  • I made the centers of each flower either darker or lighter. I followed the stamp design to see where the petals were but knew my painting did not need to be perfect.
Painted Pillow Before Finishing
  • You can see how loose I painted this. Just know, that anyone can paint this!
Finishing the Painting Phase
  • This is what the painted pillow looked like. Nothing fancy! Hahaha.
  • Be sure to let the paint dry completely before completing the next step.
Painted Flower Pillow
  • The next step is to add the stamp design on top of the painted flowers. I used black paint but you could also use gray or brown paint.
  • Use the brayer to add a layer of paint onto the stamp. Be sure to get enough paint on the stamp, but not too much.
Stamping the Leaves on the Pillow
  • See the leaf stamp above? I placed it on the green paint, then used a second clean brayer to gently add pressure to the stamp to transfer the paint onto the pillow.
  • Let the pillow dry and then iron it to set the paint.
How to Make a Flower Pillow DIY with a Stamp

Doesn’t the design look great? I can promise you this is so easy to do. It takes about one-tenth the time it takes to add free motion embroidery!

Pink, Valentine’s Day, and Flower Pillows

How to Make a Flower Pillow DIY

I can’t wait to use this pillow in my Valentine’s Day decor. It is going to look great!

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Flower Pillow DIY

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    1. In my experience, if you heat set the acrylic paint with an iron after it dries, you can safely wash in cold water.

  1. Wow, wow, wow! I am blown away by how easy this is and how fantastic the finished product looks. I thought for sure you hand painted those flowers and it would be way beyond my talents. Thanks for sharing the DIY.

  2. Awesome ! Love the colors … great for transactions in seasons. Love your crafts.. Simple for those that want to try something new too.

  3. Love the details of the design ,I would love to do this myself and try being creative…as I am from Australia I will see if I can get the product here, if not will order from you.,love what you do…Leslie. Cheers.

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