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A few years ago I bought some mason jars and decided to try canning. I was in pursuit of finding the best canning recipes and was thrilled with my results. I have made just about every flavor of jam and jelly and lovemaking apple butter. My most recent canning project was making Orange and Red Pepper Jam and Cranberry Pepper Jam


I love them both but the cranberry jam was absolutely my favorite.


Canning is not hard but you do need to pay attention. Sterilizing and sealing your jars so you don’t have to store them in the refrigerator requires some important steps. If you are just starting out you should become familiar with the water bath canning process. Of course, if you don’t want the hassle, then make a smaller batch of jam and store them in the refrigerator. 


The recipes for both of these pepper jams can be found on my blog post Pepper Jam and Jelly Recipes. I love serving Pepper Jelly with cheese. There is something about a sweet and savory combination that gets me every time!

Also, I wanted to pass on some research I did to answer one important question, “what is the difference between jam and jelly”? The answer is: In jelly, the fruit comes in the form of fruit juice. … In jam, the fruit comes in the form of fruit pulp or crushed fruit.  How easy is that!

In my efforts to find the best canning recipes I did find some favorites by some of my blogger friends. 

Happy Happy Nester


My friend Janine at Happy Happy Nester made a jalapeno pepper jelly that looks and sounds incredible. She is such a good cook and I highly recommend you try this canning recipe!

She Gave it a Go

homemade bbq sauce

Brendt at She Gave it a Go made a homemade BBQ Sauce that has about every seasoning imaginable in it and it sounds amazing. I am going to make this for sure!

Thistlewood Farms

super easy grape jelly

My friend KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms made a Super Easy Grape Jelly that looks fabulous. I am going to try this for sure since my husband loves grape jelly.

I hope you will try canning. It’s easy and fun and enjoyable for a very long time! It’s a great project for kids and something you will likely do over and over again.

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  1. Have you ever canned pico de Gallo and tomatoes sauce? I read about it once and thought you needed a pressure cooker so I never followed through. Will try the grape jelly. 😊my grandkids love grape jelly

  2. I made the Cranberry Hot Pepper jam and it was wonderful! I only had Serrano peppers, so that’s what I used. I’ve canned a lot through the years but I had never made any kind of jam or jelly before and was a little worried about how it would turn out. I think making jam is now my favorite!

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