Christmas Kitchen Decor

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Today I am sharing my Christmas kitchen decor from four years ago. Does it look different? Or perhaps very similar?

Christmas Kitchen Decor

I thought it would be fun to share a post that first appeared on my blog four years ago when I first started blogging. So much has changed and yet, has it really? A few tweaks here and there, but here is my Christmas kitchen decor.

And yet, it hasn’t changed much!

I love my kitchen, but I really, really love it at Christmas time. It really does feel magical to me. Which is a good thing since I spend almost the entire month in this kitchen cooking for the Christmas party and then the actual holidays themselves!

So here is my post from a few years ago.

Decorating the Kitchen for Christmas

Published December 2017

Christmas Kitchen Decor

As I sit here and realize our house is finally decorated for the holidays, I can catch my breath for a minute. As much as I loved decorating every room in our house, decorating the kitchen for Christmas was a special experience.

I keep the decor simple as I need every counter surface for pots and pans and cooking prep!

Christmas Kitchen Decor

It’s so festive that we have green walls in our kitchen. I painted them this color 23 years ago when we remodeled this kitchen and I have not tired of the color. Maybe because there is so little actual wall space!

Christmas Kitchen Decor

There is something about red and green that will surely brighten up a house that is full of white furniture! These pillows in our family room provide such a pop of color!

Christmas Kitchen Decor

Tomorrow is Christmas Day and I am so grateful and excited to have my family together, just the six of us. As my children get older, I savor every moment that we get to spend together as a family.

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Christmas Kitchen Decor


Well, it’s been a few years and I guess not much has changed!

Well, at least in our kitchen.

Making Spirits Bright in the Kitchen

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Christmas Kitchen Decor

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  1. The kitchen looks so lovely and welcoming. You are indeed talented and very creative. I love the green paint color of the kitchen. Could you tell me the name of it, if you remember. Thank you and a Merry Christmas. Marianne

    1. All of ,y paint colors are listed at the top of this blog. There is a new link called Paint Colors. It’s there because I can never remember all of the colors.

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