Decorating the Kitchen for Christmas

As I sit here and realize our house is finally decorated for the holidays, I can catch my breath for a minute. As much as I loved decorating every room in our house, decorating the kitchen for Christmas was a special experience.

I think that is because I am going to be spending every single minute in our kitchen for the next two weeks cooking for our party.

So I had to keep the decor simple as I need every counter surface for pots and pans and cooking prep!

It’s also unusual that we have green walls in our kitchen. I painted them 17 years ago and have never tired of the color. That’s probably because there is so little actual wall space!

There is something about red and green that will surely brighten up a house that is full of white furniture! These pillows in our family room provide such a pop of color!

Holiday decorating the kitchen for Christmas
decorating the kitchen for Christmas for the holidays

Tomorrow we are doing something really fun in our home and I cannot wait to share it with you. Then starting Wednesday morning, my kitchen will become catering central as I will start making desserts. They freeze really well and I cannot wait to start baking!

That reminds me, if you missed the list of my Christmas party recipes, then sign up to follow my blog and I will be sending them out to all of my new followers on December 10th. I think you will love them. They are super delicious!

decorating the kitchen for Christmas
decorating the kitchen for Christmas

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11 thoughts on “Decorating the Kitchen for Christmas

  1. The kitchen looks so lovely and welcoming. You are indeed talented and very creative. I love the green paint color of the kitchen. Could you tell me the name of it, if you remember. Thank you and a Merry Christmas. Marianne

    1. All of ,y paint colors are listed at the top of this blog. There is a new link called Paint Colors. It’s there because I can never remember all of the colors.

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