Summer Dinner Party

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Guess what? It’s time for another Summer Dinner Party. I am so happy I get to plan a special dinner for my extended family.

Summer Dinner Party

I am so happy that we will be hosting a dinner party in early August to honor my father-in-law. It’s a small gathering of family and I want to create a wonderful table and setting. Of course, I also want to serve a really nice dinner. Even though it is all family, we do need to observe social distancing.  

The guest count should be around 11 people. I really want the evening to be an intimate environment and yet make sure there is social distancing between the families.

How to Plan a Summer Dinner Party

Backyard Dinner Party

Planning the Dinner Party

I always make a list of everything I need to plan for my dinner party. My list for this party includes:





Table Setting

Place Cards


Here is what I have planned so far.


Late Night Dinner Party

With eleven guests, I considered using long tables. But then I realized we would be too far apart to encourage socializing (while distancing). 

So I am going to use a square table. I am also going to use my pillars to create some hanging lights.

We are definitely going to set up a table in the center of our backward. We will move the table up toward the house as this is a great location.

I decided to use my two wood table toppers because when I put them together, the two tables are perfect for this size group.

The table-toppers measure 45″ x 90″ so when two are put together they make a 90″ square. We can fit four guests on each side of the square the table but since we only have 11 people, I can set the table so that three sides will have three chairs and one side will have only two chairs. I think that works!

Party Theme

I always like to have a theme for my party and I think I am going to highlight sunflowers. Sunflowers are plentiful right now and I think they will be perfect for our dinner. 

Back Yard View

This is my inspiration. I painted this sunflower painting a while ago and it is one of my favorites! 

Sunflower Painting

I have found so much inspiration for this party because it has is such a great theme.


I have new hanging lights that I can’t wait to share. They are so affordable and easy to make!



I intend to create fresh sunflower centerpieces made with grocery store flowers.

Table Setting

Wood tables, placemats, chargers, china (TBD), silverware, napkins, and ball jar drinking glasses.


I am going to make a sunflower stencil and make some themed napkins. You will love seeing how easy this is. I. cannot. wait to share them with you,

Place Cards – TBD

Menu – TBD

I will be planning a surprise dessert!

This is an example of the set up for the party I want everyone to be seated at a square table.

Backyard Dinner Party

Isn’t this festive?

The party isn’t for two weeks (it is Sunday, August 9th) so I have some time to get everything done. What a nice change!

I hope you will join me as I plan for this party. It’s going to be fun!

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  1. A square table, what a great idea! Have u done a tutorial on how u made the table tops to go over the craft tables? Such a genius idea and budget friendly! Also, that painting of the sunflower, WOW! I love your style of painting, would u ever consider doing a painting tutorial??

  2. I wish you showed your paintings more often. I love this sunflower.

    Ways refreshing to see your ideas unfold.


  3. As usual – great ideas for the upcoming event. I can’t wait to see it. Yes, I agree on you doing a painting tutorial !!!!

  4. I agree so much about your sunflower painting. It is gorgeous. I’d also love to know how you make the table toppers. I’m excited to see the end result of your party which I know will be amazing!

  5. I love following your party planning! I used to work at a wedding and banquet facility and it reminds me of working with all my wonderful clients and executing their dreams and themes!
    Can’t wait to see it all unfold!

  6. soooo,
    what size is your square table?
    the base for your 90” table …
    our family will be a gathering in the fall, I would like a square table like this👌

  7. The sunflower painting is fabulous, Leslie! Can’t wait to see what you come up with…looking forward to seeing the napkins. Oh, and the centerpieces, I know will be awesome! We have a number of sunflower farms here in Kansas (state flower):)

  8. LOVE your sunflower painting.🥰🥰🥰
    Yes I’m waiting for the tutorial on your table tops😉😉😊
    I know the evening will be beautiful and very special.

  9. How delightful- can’t wait to see this!
    I absolutely love Sunflowers 🌻 and always looking for inspiration using them.
    This will be just what your family needs to celebrate the life of your father in law. 🙏

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