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Today I am going to start a new series called My Finds This Week so I can show what I bought this past weekend and where it was styled in our home.

I think I need to do a better job sharing my purchases for our home. I always share videos on Instagram Stories of my flea market shopping trips but I always forget to share photos of everything I bought. So today I am going to start a new series called My Finds This Week so I can show what I bought this past weekend and where it was styled in our home.

*Please note. This is not a weekly series because I do not buy things for our house every week. (I had to put that in just in case my husband is reading this.)

I went to two places this weekend to find things for our home. The first was @vintagejunktionla. Judy Davis has a huge warehouse and outdoor area that holds fifty years of estate sale purchases. You can only imagine how many wonderful things she has. You can visit her on Instagram here. I also went to the Long Beach Flea Market which is held the third Sunday of every month. Their website can be found here. I also want to mention there was another sale that I wasn’t able to go to at Junk Style Design but I was able to buy something. More about that later!


My husband has commented a lot lately that the light in all of our rooms is inadequate. So I purchased this white wood and wicker table from @vintagejunktionla and moved the reading lamp from our piano to right next to the couch. I also bought some blue vintage books.

Lately, I have been slightly fixated with old clocks. Most of them don’t work but this one did and I just love it.

On Saturday my friend Judy from @vintagejunktionla went to the sale at Junk Style Design and found this cabinet for me.

It is now in our living room although I can’t seem to decide where to put it.

The corbel on top of the cabinet is one of a pair I bought at the Long Beach Flea Market on Sunday. The other one found a temporary home on top of my mom’s old sewing cabinet.

Eventually, I hope to use these to build an antique shelf.

I found this blue milk can at Long Beach and I love how the color fits in so well in my living room.

I also found a third antique mason jar for the top of the table. It’s the one with the grid pattern. It was $8.

I am always buying chenille bedspreads to use to make pillows. But I think I had better stop buying them. I own six now and I am yet to make a single pillow. My issue is that I am having a hard time cutting into such a beautiful bedspread!

I also bought two tin ceiling panels. These both need to be cleaned but eventually, they will find a place in our home. I could hang them on a wall, put them on a piece of furniture or who knows …

Aren’t they just fabulous?

Well, those are my finds for this week. I hope you enjoyed seeing the treasures I found.

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  1. Wonderful finds! And I understand about cutting chenille – I own hundreds of spreads and have sold many hundreds of chenille items on several venues. The key is to buy ‘cutters’: spreads that are ripped/worn on the top 18 inches or so from use on a bed. Then it’s much easier to cut that old part off and you’re left with a lovely, unique piece of hard to find vintage goodness.????????

  2. Great finds! It is so much fun to “go along” with you on your shopping trips! We don’t have the selection of vintage places here to choose from. Your home is lovely, thanks for sharing.

  3. These are fantastic! I’d love to have a wicker table, like that. I Do have some grid pattern mason jars, though! Need to make sure of where they, are, though. All that kind of stuff got boxed up dor the reno. ????

  4. I too am a chenille collector with the intent to make pillows. The only time I actually followed through was with a lovely blush-colored one (from my grandmother) w/ rust, ice-blue & mint green floral motif. I made about 20 pillows, all shapes & sizes. I am so glad I did this, because when my dear mother was in her last days of life (leukemia) we found that strategically placing those sweet pillows around and under her body helped ease her pain and brought her such comfort. Now we cherish those little pillows even more. ????

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