How to Organize a Craft Room

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It’s that time of the year where a lot of crafting is going to be happening in my craft room. Today I am sharing how to organize a Craft Room. 

A few years ago I completely changed my office into a craft room. My office was really dark and I didn’t like it. But the wood was pretty so I just left it. It was kind of an unused room. Actually, mostly it was a storage room.

This is what my craft room used to look like. It’s a classic look and my desk was pretty cool. It just didn’t feel like a room where I could be creative.  

This is what my craft room looks like now. Can I just say that white paint is a very good thing? (It’s actually Swiss Coffee by Dunn Edwards.)

All I did was paint the walls and change out the carpet. Check out my blog post here about the remodel. I replaced my desk with a craft table I found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market (you can see that DIY here). Can you believe it?

I love the new room because it is light and airy and has all of my craft project stuff at my fingertips. The thing about a craft room is that you can’t expect it to always look perfect. Creativity doesn’t work that way. So give yourself a little room to spread out and enjoy your DIY’s and projects!

Tips to Organize a Craft Room

#1 Only Keep Craft Supplies That You Use in Your Craft Room

It is easy to fill your craft room with a lot of crafting supplies. I finally decided that I would store my “project stuff” in another room and just keep what I actually use in my craft room. This was a really smart decision because I have a lot of “project stuff”  such as crepe paper, felt, fabric, paint, and more. As I change projects, the supplies are moved in and out of my craft room. 

I have a wonderful Brother embroidery machine. I use it all of the time and I love it!

#2 Make Sure You Have Plenty of Storage

There are a lot of craft items that I need frequently. Things like scissors, tape, glue, pens, paper, trim, rubber stamps, and more.  I wanted a cabinet to store all of these items and I found it at the flea market. This cabinet is perfect to organize a craft room. 

I bought the old metal cabinet and cleaned it up and spray painted it. Then I labeled all of the drawers so I could easily find my craft supplies. Something as simple as a cabinet with drawers labeled with items you need daily can save you so much time.  It makes it so much easier to complete a craft when I can find everything I need at my fingertips.

I also recently added this Project Cart to my craft room. I use the cart to store my current craft project. The two wire shelves are perfect because they hold everything I need. As you can see here I have a current project of making pillows. 

I also use metal bins (from Hobby Lobby) to organize my materials for my Cricut machine. I love these so much.

I painted the built-in cabinet in my craft room white and love how it stores so many of my supplies.

I filled a lot of bins with craft materials and labeled them and added them to the cabinet.

As you can see, I even have a bin for receipts. It still needs a label!

I also have a bin for wooden beads, my label maker and supplies, glue guns, and more!


#3 Keep Things Visual

Creative people like to see everything. Many of us are afraid that if we can’t see it then it won’t get our attention. Try to keep  as many things visible as possible.

I came up with a way to organize my schedule on the wall. I hung this vintage crib mattress holer and added dates to the clothespins and included all of my upcoming blog posts. This is a photo from a while ago but it worked very well.

My craft room is always changing and it still ends up full of new packages and projects everywhere. I  have to force myself to put everything away. Keeping a craft room clean and organized is really important because you don’t want clutter to negate your creativity. I have to organize my craft room almost every week! 

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