Our 100 Year Old Waco Home Fixer Upper Remodel Update

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Hello everyone! I am continuing our 100 year old Waco home fixer upper remodel and we have made some great progress!

Just like any old house remodel, ours has had its fair share of ups and downs, but I am excited to share an update. My goal is to make this house a warm and inviting space for families and friends to stay while visiting Waco. Thank you for following along on our journey!

fixer upper waco

This post is sponsored by Elkay, but all opinions are my own.

I know. It’s been forever since I have talked about our fixer upper Waco home. The first few months of a major home remodel aren’t really that exciting. And pictures don’t show much. I promise. But that has all changed. I have so much to share about My 100 year old Texas home. Including this rendering! This is what it is going to look like. How awesome is that?

This is what the home looked like when we bought it.

fixer upper waco before photo

For those of you that aren’t aware of my latest project, we bought this home in August. It is located in Waco, TX. and it is about a mile from the Magnolia Silos. It is a two-bedroom, one bath home on about half an acre. We are not moving. The home is an investment project and when it is done we will be offering it as a short-term rental, like an Airbnb.

We have some pretty exciting plans for the house. We are adding a master suite and bathroom on to the back of the home and a wrap-around porch. It took a long time to get the floor plan just right. Fortunately, my sister-in-law is skilled at this and she did the plans and renderings. It was so great to work with someone who knew all the particulars, such as how much space you need for hallways, doorways, etc. This step is so important and a floor plan on the back of a napkin isn’t the best way to show your contractor what to do. (If you have a need for this service then let me know and I will send you her contact info.)

The house is now three-bedroom, two baths with an open floor plan including the living and dining areas as well as the kitchen. It has two good sized bathrooms, pantry, and laundry. I am using vintage furniture pieces for the pantry, kitchen island, and coat closet. (You know how much I love to shop flea markets!) I hired a wonderful contractor who actually worked on the Fixer Upper show for two seasons. 

Renderings and Floor Plans

This is the back of the house with the master bedroom addition.

fixer upper waco rendering

I do think we have thought of everything and I am so excited. I would love your thoughts!

fixer upper waco floor plan

Making Progress

Before I share some of the progress photos, I wanted to share our very first delivery of a fabulous item for our Waco home! Can you guess what it is?

fixer upper waco shiplap

It’s a Fireclay Farmhouse sink and gorgeous faucet from Elkay. The sink is the Elkay Fireclay 33″ x 19-15/16″ x 10-1/8″, Equal Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink. I am so excited about this sink and I can’t wait to see it in our kitchen! It fits the style and will be so much fun to use.

fixer upper waco kitchen sink

The faucet is the Elkay Explore Three Hole Bridge Faucet with Pull-down Spray and Lever Handles in Chrome

This is a closer view of the faucet. It has the pull-down spray. Isn’t it fabulous?

fixer upper waco kitchen sink
fixer upper waco sink

I can’t wait to show you a photo of the finished kitchen with this gorgeous Elkay sink and faucet installed!

Demo Day

When we bought the home, this is what the inside looked like. The walls were painted a light green. The house was in pretty bad shape. The foundation was in disrepair, rat droppings were everywhere and it smelled really bad. But there was good news. The ceilings were 10 1/2′ tall and the wood floors were salvageable. The best feature of the entire property is the gigantic oak tree on the left side of the house. We are adding a wrap around porch that will focus on the tree.

fixer upper waco before plaster walls

The first step was to demo the plaster. I so hoped that we would find shiplap underneath. And we did! We found it not only on the walls but also on the ceiling.

fixer upper waco demo day

This photo is of the back of the home. Don’t ask me why the back door had a huge hole in it. I do not want to know what kind of animal caused that hole. Oh heavens.

fixer upper waco demo

Here are more photos after the plaster walls were removed. This is the front bedroom on the right side of the home.

fixer upper waco high ceiings

Here is my kitchen where the fabulous Elkay sink and faucet will be installed.

fixer upper waco shiplap walls

This is the second bedroom and part of the laundry room. the master bedroom is the addition that goes behind this wall.

fixer upper waco high ceiling
fixer upper waco 2

Foundation Repair

After the plaster and some of the interior walls were removed, we started work on the foundation. It’s not glamorous, but it’s very important. It’s all permitted and passed the inspections.

fixer upper waco foundation repair

This week we are starting work on the foundation for the master bedroom and bath addition.

fixer upper waco foundation

Final Plans

I am beyond thrilled with the progress we have made so far. And I am really excited about our wrap around porch. What do you think?

fixer upper waco wrap around porch

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  1. Having recently remodeled I would like to put in a plug for tankless water heaters. I have two and they are Titan brand out of Florida, totally awesome; once you switch you will never go back to the big white monster; customer support (even for your plumber is totally great). The tankless systems need a dedicated electric line/breaker, needs to be taken care of in the planning stage.
    Also would like to mention that you may want to plan some kind of a “safe” for valuables.
    Another is your heating/cooling system…I put in a heat pump that has an electrostatic filter that will keep the interior completely odor free forever. If I ever had the funds I would put in a back-up power source if I am not able to go solar. Supposedly Tesla has a whole house battery (solar) that hangs on the wall inside the home. OMG how awesome would that be….the desert is HOT in the summer.
    Lastly, the only problem I have now is the number of electrical outlets; I don’t have enough…maybe it is just me but the it seems like our city code is really stingy with power. I would suggest doing a mental walk-thru of the home and see if the outlets will take care of “guest” needs. Sorry this is so long winded…have been waiting a long time for you to get back to this house! I love it! Totally agree with the person that mentioned the wallpaper, ditto on any good “timber” that could be reused in a loving way.

  2. Looks like it will be beautiful! One of our kids is a junior at Baylor in Waco. I’d love to have more info about your house since we visit frequently. I’m definitely looking to rent a house for her graduation in December 2020.

  3. My husband and I are also retired and plan to make a trip to Waco. Would you please email me when it is finished?

  4. Beautiful!!!!! It’s going to be beautiful! I want to make my way to Waco and I will look up your rental for sure!!!!!!

  5. My husband use to travel to Waco all the time before I knew of fixer upper would love to visit some day and stay in your beautiful new house and visit Magnolia market can’t wait to see your house finished

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