A Light Purple Day at the Beach House


We spent all day Saturday at the beach house and I really do refer to it as a Light Purple Day at the beach house. Wait, what?

You have to scroll down to see what I mean. Our beach house really is light purple. And it was not a mistake. We did it on purpose! Hopefully, you will read this blog post and learn I have not lost my mind!

New Deck at the Beach House
our new 3rd floor deck

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Make it Pretty

Our Beach House is Light Purple!

A Light Purple Main Living Area at the Beach House
The main living area and kitchen

See, I wasn’t kidding!

And the most important thing you need to know is that the purple color is not paint.

I promise you these walls are not painted light purple. Rather, they are a smart solution thought up by our contractor.

It is waterproof drywall.

Ok, so who knew waterproof drywall was the color purple?

But it is so purple my eyes started to hurt after a while. And I am not kidding.

Main Living Area Decor Inspiration

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Why are the Walls Light Purple?

A Light Purple Kitchen at the Beach House
the kitchen

Because of supply chain issues, our windows are delayed. Our contractor is working at fast pace and we don’t want to slow the progress. He came up with the idea of using waterproof drywall to stay on schedule and protect the work that they are doing. So brilliant!

And yet so purple!

We are having a terrible drought in Southern California so the likelihood of rain is not in the forecast. But should we get some needed rain, we want to be prepared and not suffer any setbacks.

This is a view into the kitchen. The holes in the wall are for our windows and they are covered in plastic just to be safe.

By using the purple waterproof drywall, we can proceed with the construction while waiting for the windows. Well, for a few more weeks …

A Light Purple Day at the Beach House
the beverage area of the kitchen

This is a photo of the left side of our kitchen. This new area is the beverage center of the kitchen which will house a smaller refrigerator, water dispenser, small sink, and cabinets.

I think it’s pretty smart to have the beverage area separate from the cooking area. Now, everyone can come and go and refill drinks without being in the middle of where the cooks are cooking!

Kitchen Decor Inspiration

I fell in love with some counter stools from Serena & Lily but they are out of my budget, so I am looking for alternatives. I think I found some really great ones that I am sharing below. Do you have a favorite?

A Light Purple Day at the Beach House
the main living area

My first concern was, “Will it take a gazillion coats of primer to cover the light purple drywall?”. The answer was no, especially since they will tape and mud the drywall which will cover a lot of it.

In the photo above, you can see the old staircase and the new entry into the office/5th bedroom and the primary suite area.

Below is a close-up of the entryway and the raised ceiling. The extra height is so dramatic!

A Light Purple Entry Way at the Beach House
the entryway staircase

The Primary Suite

A Light Purple Staircase to the 3rd Floor at the Beach House
the primary bedroom

I must admit I am laughing as I write this blog post. In college, I was obsessed with the color lavender. I had tons of lavender clothes (including a pair of light purple espadrilles), my room was lavender, and it was kind of my trademark. I just loved the color!

Now I feel like it is coming back to haunt me in a big way.

Because seriously, this entire house is light purple!

Our primary bedroom suite has the best views and I really do think I will be spending a lot of time in this room. I plan to include comfortable swivel chairs and a small desk for working. What more do I need?

Primary Bedroom Decor Inspiration

This is the top of the staircase that goes up to the 3rd-floor deck, or the sky deck as my husband is calling it.

A Light Purple Staircase to the 3rd Floor at the Beach House
the new staircase to the 3rd-floor deck

And this is our deck! It is now waterproofed and will be finished when they finish the outside of the house. I am in awe of this view!

The New Deck at the Beach House
the new 3rd-floor deck

The First Floor

A Light Purple Day at the Beach House
the entryway

Heading downstairs, you can see that the walls here are purple too, although you can see a small area that has some of the original drywall and paint

A Light Purple Wine Cellar at the Beach House
the wine cellar

This is the area that my husband is focusing all of his time on. It’s the soon-to-be wine cellar. He has a lot of wine racks planned for here.

Wine Cellar Inspiration

The Fitness Center

A Light Purple Fitness Center at the Beach House
the fitness room/garage

We have never parked cars in our garage at the beach house. Before the construction, it had lots of storage, a ping pong table, and a built-in bar. This time around this area is going to be a “fitness center”, as my husband calls it. It’s his very fun project (just like the wine cellar) and I do believe it is going to be amazing.

Fitness Center Inspiration

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  1. I bet your construction crew dreams in purple!! Good things come to those who wait. I like the Bowery Hill stools for the kitchen. I think stools with fabric are probably not the best choice for a beach house where folks may come in with damp bathing suits.. Hope those windows arrive soon.

  2. How exciting! I know you’re missing coming up for our gorgeous weather this summer. Thank you for the update!!!!

  3. Hi Leslie,
    I know right where you live. My Mother in Law lives in the Keyes. Such a fun area. Your view is amazing. I’m looking forward to following your remodel stories. We currently live near Seattle but are moving home in Spring. Our sailboat will be just around the corner from you. I love walking the Lanes…I’ll say hi if you’re around. Wishing you all the very best and hoping you are beyond thrilled with the results!

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