Healthy Juice Recipes


Nothing is better than a glass of fresh juice in the morning. Today I am sharing my favorite celery juice recipes. If you want to add fruit and vegetables to your diet, then this is a must!

How to Make Healthy Juice 

Today I want to share the most important thing I do to start out every day (and it is not coffee). It’s making fresh juice. It’s been about eight months since we started making fresh celery juice every morning. And I am going to share with you my favorite celery juice recipes.

Fresh Celery Juice Recipe

This is a glass of pure celery juice that I made. It’s simple and easy to make. The top layer is not pulp, it is foam. It’s a very healthy way to start out my day.

There are a gazillion reasons to drink homemade fresh juice in the morning. Anthony William has written plenty of articles about the miracles of celery juice and starting out your day with pure homemade celery juice. We use to drink only celery juice every morning but I must admit I would shiver a bit at the taste every morning. I knew the drink was healthy and good for me but sometimes, I had to push myself to drink it.

That is when I started adding some fruits and vegetables to our daily celery juice. And wow, it’s not only delicious, but something I look forward to every morning.

Why You Should Make Fresh Juice Every Morning

Before we talk about juice recipes, you do need a juicer to make fresh juice. 

I will be honest with you. I wasn’t going to spend $400 on a juicer to make fresh juice. So I did some research and found a great solution with one of my favorite brands, Breville. I just wrote a blog post about their countertop pizza oven and I love it. So when I found they made a very basic “fast” juicing machine for under $150, I was sold.

I know nothing about juicers, other than the fact they can be really expensive. But this machine was rated very high and I decided to go for it. That was eight months ago. I should probably mention that I love it so much I bought another one for our Ventura house.

This is my machine and it isn’t anything fancy. But it makes great juice and it’s super easy to use and clean. Tap on the photo for more information.

I love that I can add pretty much any whole fruit and vegetable to my juicer. The only time you have to peel the fruit is if you wouldn’t normally eat the skin. So I peel oranges but that’s it!

We currently get a produce box every Saturday. I can use almost all of these fruits and vegetables for juice. I don’t think I would use the lettuce or endive, but everything else works.

And the best part? I always use the fruits and vegetables that are still good to eat but overripe. Even the celery! It’s so much better than throwing it away.

Recipes for Healthy Juice

You can see my juicer in the background and the juice I made with celery and blood oranges! 

Healthy Juice Recipes

Here is a juice I made from celery, carrots, and apples. Some people don’t like the foam, but I love it. 

Fresh Juice Recipes

On any given day I will throw some vegetables and fruits in a colander, wash them and then stick them in the juicing machine. Lately, I have been using carrots, celery, and apples. You might say this is my current favorite.

Homemade Juice Recipes

My Favorite Celery Juice Recipes

Healthy Juice Recipes

How to Make Healthy Juice

I love making fresh juice every morning. We always seem to have vegetables and fruit in our home and I rarely use a recipe. Cold juice is always better so be sure to store your "juicing" fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator.

These recipes are guidelines. I encourage you to use what you have!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • celery
  • carrots
  • apples
  • carrots
  • peeled oranges
  • pears
  • kale
  • bananas
  • cucumbers
  • berries
  • lemons
  • All fruits and vegetables should be chilled.


    My Favorite Morning Juice
    5 stalks of celery
    one apple
    2 large carrots

    Celery Boost Juice
    5 stalks of celery

    Morning Pick Me Up Juice
    5 stalks of celery
    one large apple
    one peeled orange

    Juice all the ingredients according to your juicer manual. Some fruits or vegetables may need to be halved so they fit in your juicer. Enjoy!

I hope you will enjoy fresh juice every morning as much as I do!

Homemade Juice Recipes

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Best Celery Juice Recipes

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  1. Just bought my Breville juicer. I have been thinking of getting one and reading your story just helped me make my final decision! I’ve also read about the benefits of drinking celery juice in the morning I am lucky as we currently have 5 gorgeous bunches of celery in my garden!

    Where do you get your Saturday box of produce?

    1. I know some co-ops have a delivery service. We used to have one in the Houston area. I would highly recommend finding a farmers market that has organic produce and try that. I intend to go back to mine when they start back up the end of this month.

  2. I love my Breville. Yesterday I juiced a cucumber, 4 beets, 2 apples and 3 lemons and a hefty piece of fresh ginger. It was delicious!

  3. Thanks for sharing about juicing, I love fresh juice, don’t do it every day, but you have encouraged me to do more. I have never had celery juice before, why is it so good for you? I will definably be using some of these recipes. Do you use strawberries too?
    Thanks again fir the tips.
    Denise J😋

    1. You can use any fruit! It makes such a difference, celery juice has a ton of health benefits (anti-inflammatory, improves cardiovascular health) the list goes on!

  4. I love the benefits of celery juice, but couldn’t bring myself to drink it every morning. I never thought of adding fruit to it, thanks for the great idea !!

  5. Hi Leslie,
    Thank you for the recipes and recommendations on the juicer. I been wanting to get a juicer, I guess I’ll get the one you have.
    Have a great weekend.

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